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Re: Editing excel file offline on Android

Editing excel file offline on Android

New member | Level 2

I have searched the community and the answer may need to update.

On Android, I opened Dropbox, In file settings (next to the each file, three dots one under the other) ,

I changed "Available offline" mode "ON" for one of my excel file (.xlsx).

And as expected, while I have no internet (wifi and mobile), I can see the file (.xlsx) and can click on it.

I can see the contents of the file but when I attempt to edit it, an error message pops up:

"You can view this file offline, but you'll need an internet connection to edit it. Check your internet connection and try again."

(I have Excel Application installed on my Android)


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Re: Editing excel file offline on Android

Hi there, Offline files only allows you to view the files in question while offline, but not to edit them while offline.
You will need to be online in order to edit files on your mobile device.
Hope this helps to clarify matters!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: Editing excel file offline on Android

New member | Level 2

Jay, thanks for the answer. But when I bought dropbox pro, I kinda assumed "access" meant "read & write" not just "peep at it and spend the rest of my 12 hour flight positing what kind of edits I could make were I able to make them".

Being unable to edit files I can very clearly see is ... dumb. I don't want to be unkind, but it really is dumb. It makes the whole thing pretty much useless to me.

Re: Editing excel file offline on Android

Explorer | Level 4

I second this @cusaya. It seems bonkers that 'available offline' doesn't mean that you can edit them.  This is pretty much the purpose of Dropbox.  Also Dropbox documentation states that you can edit these files (see last bullet in particular)



Specifically, making a file available offline:

  • Adds the file to your Offline view for easy access (like a bookmark)
  • Saves the file to your Android device for offline viewing within Dropbox
  • Attempts to keep the file as up-to-date as possible and gives you the option to update the file manually
  • Ensures that any changes you make to the file while offline will be synced to your Dropbox account once you have a connection again

Now there is a workaround - you can export files that are 'available offline' and edit them, but you can't do so whilst keeping them in the dropbox folder, so you have to then share them to dropbox when you have a connection.  This really shouldn't be neccesary, especially as the Dropbox page above implies that you can.

@Jay how do we make those changes to files that are then synced when we have a connection?

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