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Green Check Boxes In Dropbox Folder

nomiSG New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Hey Community,

We have an issue with Dropbox and cannot find a solution. 

Unfortunately all "Green Check Box" icons are gone in the actual Dropbox Folder. We don't have a copy and it is indeed the original root folder of Dropbox. We did not try the advanced installation of Dropbox as we are hesitant becuase we have over 1TB relative slow internet and a re-sync would take a week (experienced that the hard way).

What can be done to get the proper synced status back for Dropbox?

If we need to re-install, how can we avoid a massive time setback to get everything back in order. We tried previously to re-sintall/re-sync to the original folder location but still took ages to 100% up-to-date. 


Any help is appreciated. 


Kind regards,


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Re: Green Check Boxes In Dropbox Folder

Super User II
Super User II

Unfortunately, if a restart of Dropbox or a reboot of your computer isn't restoring the icon overlays, you're looking at a reinstall. When you reinstall, there's no way to prevent Dropbox from indexing your files. It's a required step to build the database so the software can function.

Re: Green Check Boxes In Dropbox Folder


Hi @nomiSG

You can try maximizing the bandwidth that the Dropbox desktop application is using, to have the syncing completed faster. Here are the steps:

An other trick would be to pause syncing with any other cloud services you might be using, that can slow down this process even more. 

Remember to remove the sleep mode for the devices to sync without interapptions. 

Finally, you can prioritize the folders you want to have them appear first, so you can start working on files locally, even if syncing is not completed. Here is how:

Personally, when I have to sync a lot of files, I work on the web until syncing is finished. Hope your workflow allows you to do that. 

Get back to us if you need more help. Cheers! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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