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So I am new to dropbox, needed it for an assignment. So as soon as I download the app to my mac, everything starts syncing, and then I immidetly delete the app, then remove the app from my trash can because I could not find any of my files. Soon afterwards my documents, desktop and downloads folders are gone, and when I log onto drop box its on there but no where to be found on my mac. A moderator on dropbox told me I can add the documents, downloads and desktop to my finder manually, when I did that, yes it shows the three, BUT you cannot add anything into it, cannot see whats in it, and im 100% nothing is in there anyway because the files do not exist, only on the dropbox website.... Now my BRAND NEW MACBOOK i just bought is full... how? I dont know, im stressed and nobody is clearly telling me the answer.... Im so confused as to why dropbox has this option when clearly so many people have issues with it.....  Can someone tell me how I can recover my files back onto my laptop, without 3rd party apps, and How i can then get my storage back because it is full. Thanks.

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Re: Help

Hey there @theariadiy3232; welcome to our Community!

Can you clarify if you tried to disable the computer backup feature before uninstalling the desktop app from your computer?

Do you see any sign of your missing files in your account online, be it in the deleted files page or the events page?

Let me know what you find!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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