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How to get in contact with dropbox?

How to get in contact with dropbox?

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Today I thought it might be a good day to upload all my office-work in the cloud via dropbox so I bought a "plus" membership with 2 TB. It turned out to be a bad idea. My work folder, which i tried to sync to dropbox, disappeared from my hard drive and was relocated to a new place. Why, I dont know? Now that I need a bit of support from dropbox - I just cant find any way of contact them - it feels like a Kafka scenario where I only click and goes around in circles... Is there any chance to chat or call dropbox?


I would like to restore my workfolder where as it used to be on my hard drive... Dropbox doesnt feel very ueser friendy so far - do anyone have a suggestin where to start?


Thanks alot for your help!

//Lars from Sweden

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Re: How to get in contact with dropbox?

Hi there @LarsGbg, welcome to our Community and thanks for using Dropbox!

Can you please walk me through the exact steps you took when you first set this up? 

Is it possible that you're referring to our computer backup feature

Any additional information will be more than welcome, Lars!

PS: Your can find your support options -according to your account's plan- on this pagesupport options

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