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Unable to update or uninstall Dropbox

Re: installation error 2 - win 7

Explorer | Level 4

Im also getting this error, and have been for a month or so. Dropbox prompted me to update, and when I tried to do so, came up with 'error 2'. Today I thought Id unistall Dropbox, re-boot and try to install again. Big mistake. Every time I try to install the latest version as given on Dropbox website, regular or full installaiton, as soon as it tries to install, it comes up with the same issue, "error 2".


When I try installing the version from the sticky post here, it installs successfully, but then I cant login because it says the version is out-of-date. My PC far exceeds the minimum requirements. Have no anti-virus software aside from Windows Defender. 


I pay AUS$187 / year for this and is essential for managing my work and home docs, which I now cant access on my home PC, incredibly frustrating. There seems to be no solution...there cant be a host file issue as Dropbox has uninstalled. Will be requesting a full refund from Dropbox for this!

Re: installation error 2 - win 7

Explorer | Level 4

have the same issue while installing, I use dropbox for several years, but this is a big hit. I have live on the life witout dropbox for moths, I save all the important files in my HDD, atleast it work.

Today I try again to install with latest version, it still shown error 2, if dropbox finally find out a solution, hope to let know.

Re: installation error 2 - win 7

Explorer | Level 3

Had this problem for about a year, have a windows 8.1, 64 bit computer. Tried all type of installs, old verions, new versions of dropbox... even became suspicious of my firewall and antivirus, avast and yes, even disabled and uninstalled antivirus and tried to install drobox) error 2 kept poping up after about 6 month I gave up.


Yesterday I did a reinstall of windows (selected box to leave all programs on disk so practicaly nothing in my normal config changed) when computer rebooted my software was working as if I just turned on my computer again, my anivirus was running. So today I downloaded dropbox and it's now working perfectly.



Re: installation error 2 - win 7

Explorer | Level 3

I had exactly the same problem - my Dropbox kept warning me that my version was old, and I should upgrade or exit. I tried to upgrade but it kept giving me error 2. Then, unfortunately, I UNINSTALLED a functional version of dropbox, in the hope that this would allow me to install the latest version, but the install AGAIN stopped with error 2. THEN I looked up this question, which seemed promising. It did work partially, in that this version INSTALLED, BUT it would not allow me to LOGIN to dropbox. When I enter my username and password, it says "You are using an old version of dropbox, please upgrade to the latest version". When you close the message, you are back at the LOGIN screen. I could not see any way to advance past the login screen, which does not allow me to login. So this answer does NOT solve my problem, and I am stuck without dropbox. 

Re: installation error 2 - win 7

Explorer | Level 4

So I found a fix, all I needed to do was update Windows 10, I was several months behind on updates, and voila, it worked after a restart. Previously re-installing Drobbox didnt work. So must be the new version of Dropbox will only work with the most recently updated version of Windows 10.

Re: installation error 2 - win 7

Explorer | Level 3

Thanks. This seems like a plausible solution. Unfortunately, I keep running into problems with the updater, which stops with a mysterious error code: Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909 - Error 0x8007007e  -- there are numerous guides as to how to solve this error, but none of them have worked so far - so I dont know if your soluton will work or not -- once I figure out how to get windows updated, I will try installing dropbox. Meanwhile, it is extremely annoying to be without a functional version of dropbox, for no reason, since the old version was working. Just keep issuing warnings, dont stop it, when your updates dont install. 

Error 2 is reported while using the installer and the installation cannot be performed.

Explorer | Level 3

Error 2 is reported during installation and installation is not possible. It cannot be installed even if the current uninstall is performed. I can install the old version, but I can't use it because the message "You are using the old version of Dropbox" appears.

Dropbox not working, starting, can't be installed, uninstalled and reinstalled in Win10

Explorer | Level 3

As in the subject, my Dropbox is not working. I do not know when it starts but it has been like this for at least a month.


I have recently updated my Windows but there is no improvement. I have tried uninstalling it but it failed to do so. I have used the latest regular installer and the offline installer, which gives Error 2. I have also tried installing an older version (77) but to no avail.


I have followed the instructions in this discussion by @Jane.

The program is installed in C:confused face:Program Files (x86)\Dropbox with the following folders:

  • Client
  • Client_31.4.24
  • Client_77.3.127
  • Client_105.4.651
  • CrashReports
  • Update

My PATH environment variable also contains %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%.


Finally, I have tried deleting the Dropbox folders in the following locations:


which some of them could not be performed as some of the files were somehow opened by other program (although the PC was freshly restarted). Deleting the folders did not induce Error 2 during installation but the installation was still aborted.


I have looked into regedit to remove the subfolder under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution as suggested here. However, I do not have Dropbox.exe but only DropboxUpdate.exe like @Timthefold. There is no solution offered.


My other devices are working well, if it matters.


Please advise. I can't afford to reinstall the OS as I have a lot of things in this PC. Thanks.



Unable to update or uninstall Dropbox

Explorer | Level 4

I appear to be running an old version of Dropbox on my main laptop and if I try to update it with a fresh install I get the error message "The installer encountered error 2". This includes running both the 'online' and 'offline' version of the install I see the same error messages for both.

I've made sure that there are no Dropbox apps running in the background, and also tried to uninstall the program using the Windows uninstall feature but no joy.

Can anyone help me try to fix the issue?

I'd also like to be able to move the folder from my small SSD C: drive to my :anguished face: 1TB Hard Drive if anyone could help with that too once the above issue has been resolved.

Re: Unable to update or uninstall Dropbox


Hey @cmason84, thanks for checking in. 


I moved your post here, where other users have experienced this same issue. 


Have you had a look through Jane's troubleshooting, or any other of the recommended steps throughout this thread?


Give them a try and let us know how it goes. Cheers!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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