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Indesign Lag

New member | Level 2

I have a problem that has recently occurred, where there is a lag when working in InDesign.


Each move/selection I make takes sometimes 3-4-5 seconds and often the dreaded beach ball appears.


I am working on Dropbox from my local folder

Using Adobe Indesign 2020 on an iMac


I've tried...


Logging out and resyncing Dropbox 
Relaunch finder

Pausing synching whilst working

Deleting InDesign Prefs

Reinstalling InDesign


Dropbox chat (they said come here lol)

and swearing.


The files aren't large. When I move them to my desktop the speed is OK.


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Re: Indesign Lag

Hi @pangapanga, thanks for messaging today!

Could you clarify if you experience the same issue when the Dropbox desktop application is quit completely (not paused or signed out)?

Are the files located deep in subfolders in the Dropbox folder, or in the root folder?

What OS are you running currently on your Mac?

This will help me to assist further!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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