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Installing Dropbox on a Lacie external Hardrive

Installing Dropbox on a Lacie external Hardrive

Swell Design Group
New member | Level 2

Heya all - hope I describe this correctly - I'm not the IT guy in the studio. We are a graphic Design agency suddenly forced into working offsite. We have a VPN - but it's slow - so have installed Dropbix Business. Our server set up, as I understand it is as follows:

Server is a Mac Pro - one of the cylinder ones. We have recently integrated a 15TB Lacie hardDrive into the system to act as the day to day file server.

Have installed Dropbox on the Mac Pro - I'm trying to upload our 3.4tb of day to day server files from the Lacie drive via the mac pro, up to dropbox but regardless on setting the sync to online only - It's still chewing memory on the Mac Pro which simply doesn't have enough to upload everything. 

My question is - I'm assuming the filed I want to upload (on the lacie) need to be uploaded to dropbox from the Lacie... I've tried to download the dropbox app to the lacie - but can't locate it when it says installation is complete. Can someone either tell me what I'm doing wrong or provide some steps (if what I need to achieve is possible)?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Installing Dropbox on a Lacie external Hardrive


Hi there @Swell Design Group, I'd be more than happy to help out!


For the desktop app to be able to upload the files to your account online, they need to be added to the Dropbox folder. In doing this, the files will be locally stored still on your device.


While the app is syncing, you won't be able to change the sync status of the files to "online only" with Smart Sync until after the files you moved over have been synced.


What I can suggest is to move over the data in batches. You can move one batch to the Dropbox folder, allow it to sync fully and then change the files to online only. Once the app is "up to date", rinse and repeat.


Doing this will also ease the load on the desktop app, as well as allow you to change those files to be online and free up space on your device.


Finally, since you mentioned that you are setting this up on a server, I'd suggest checking out this article to make sure that the app is installed and set up correctly.


Let me know if you have any questions!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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