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Is Direct transfer of a copy of Google data to Dropbox working?

Is Direct transfer of a copy of Google data to Dropbox working?

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Dropbox Technical Support appears unwilling to address problems with Direct Transfer.  They referred me to the forum. I'd be glad to sum up what I learn from this in hopes others may benefit. I suspect other Dropbox users have also been flummoxed by trying to transfer files from Google to Dropbox.


Have you or has anyone you know had success doing this direct transfer from Google to Dropbox? I've been unable to get it to work.


I mean DIRECTLY transferring to Dropbox a copy of Google Data such as Google Photos or Google Drive files.


It involves using Google Takeout and an app called, Google Download Your Data, developed for this by Google.


I understand there are two ways in Dropbox to make such transfers, both of which involve using Google Takeout. 


The one I am asking about is theoretically faster because it is a DIRECT transfer between the two companies, essentially a "one-and-done" process. 


The alternate way, to which I am not referring, and do not wish to use is a three-step process, which is

first, to transfer the file copies to Gmail using Google Takeout; then,

second, to unzip them; then 

third, to drag and drop the received Google Takeout files after unzipping them 

into the Windows Dropbox App, which then uploads them into Dropbox in the cloud. 


This alternate 3-step method is laborious and slow.


1) It's constrained by the upload speed of your Internet connection.

(It has taken more than a month for me to upload and to "Smart Sync" 300 GB of files from my hard drive.)

It's also slowed my PC ,which it shouldn't do, since it's an i7 CPU with 16 GB RAM and ample drive space.


2) The 3-step method also entails Google Takeout files must first be unzipped on your PC 

before dragging and dropping them into the Windows Dropbox App, apparentlly because Dropbox

cannot handle unzipping or at least not "large" zip files, a limitation which Google appears to have overlooked.

This file expansion further slows the transfer. 


I first described my direct transfer problems to Dropbox Support and they failed to answer. I was instead told to try the 3-step transfer.  I again wrote saying that this was not what I had asked about and patiently explained the nightmare that their 3-step recommendation would create.  I asked, who there at the company has actually gotten this direct transfer to work?  Surely, someone must have.


But they would not answer. And I received what appears to be a boilerplate response

they send when the issue lies at the boundary between Dropbox and a third-party company.

This is understandable but sadly reminiscent of the Intel-Microsoft conflict issues from way back.


They would not say it "point blank" but it's clear that what they mean is

that they won't support what to them is a "Google problem."


Dropbox Technical Support seems unmoved by the notion that the Farmer and the Cowboy can be friends, as Oscar Hammerstein once put it.  So they suggested I ask the forum.


I will contact Google for their assistance but I first wanted to have my facts in order.

So, I would appreciate hearing from any Dropbox users who have successfully gotten Direct Transfer to work.


who have been unable to get it to work, where they got stuck, and what the problem appears to be. 


Please respond with a short description and/or any issues you ran into.


Also, has anyone used any third-party company's service to directly transfer files from Google to Dropbox? Did it work? Was it straight forward?  Was it costly?


I will try to write a summary of all replies which I hope might help others, or help more than just me and the few of  you kind enough to reply.  Thanks.

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Re: Is Direct transfer of a copy of Google data to Dropbox working?


Hey there @I-Aspire-to-be-a-User; thanks for posting on our Community!

While I don't have much to offer here, you could take a look at this discussion for some ways to achieve what you had in mind. 

Let us know if you have anything else to add or ask in the meantime. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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