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Photos from Dropbox to new iPhone

Photos from Dropbox to new iPhone

New member | Level 2


I saw a similar request, but this was old.


My old iPhone Xs Max  crashed and didn’t sync with iCloud properly.  Meaning I am missing a lot of pictures, appx 1,4 year of photos, from last iPhone on my new iPhone 11 Pro.  


I want these (1500?) pictures back to my camera roll.  One solution is to take picture by picture, but is there a easy way to mark all / several (or month by month or similar) this photos and do it in "bunches". 

I really hope someone can help. 


Thanks in advance.  



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Re: Photos from Dropbox to new iPhone


Hi there @FSB; welcome to our Community and thanks for using Dropbox!


From what I gather you're looking to export multiple files to your iPhone's camera roll from your Dropbox account through the mobile app; correct me if I'm wrong please. 


If that's the case indeed, have you tried these steps to do it or were you perhaps using the Files app to do this somehow?


Keep me posted, Freddy. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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