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Problem working with Excel on Dropbox

Problem working with Excel on Dropbox

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There's a problem with dropbox desktop app while there are more than one person tries to edit excel file from the dropbox desktop app it always creates multiple copy. But, It works fine while using dropbox online version. Any suggestions or solutions to get rid on this issue?

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Re: Problem working with Excel on Dropbox


Hey there @nilipt94  - sorry to hear about this.

Conflicted files are created as a safeguard to protect your files should changes occur to the same file at the same time.

When changes are made to the same file at the same time, the first computer to sync the change "wins." The other computer's changes are preserved and saved as a "conflicted copy." The conflicted copy is saved in the same directory as the original file and the file name is appended the name of the computer that made the change and the date the conflict occurred.

Conflicted copies can also occur when a file is left open on another computer, especially when using applications with an auto-save feature. Closing the file from within the application on either computer should prevent further conflicts.

If you are sharing the data between computers you must NOT run the application on more than one computer at a time. You will generate file conflicts and other problems.

Thus, the pattern needs to be:

  1. Let files sync
  2. Start application
  3. Save files
  4. Quit application
  5. Repeat on different computers.

One workaround that can be used to prevent conflicted copies is to move the file out of the Dropbox folder while editing it. Doing this causes the file to appear as deleted and doesn't allow other users to edit the file. Once you're done editing, you can move the file back into its original location in the Dropbox folder. It will reappear with your edits for all users who have access to that file.

The other option is to move it to a second folder designated for "In Use" files, so to say. Other members of the shared folder can still access it if they need to, but will know not to make changes.

I hope this helped to some extend. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

PS:I'm not sure if you're familiar with it, but, have you considered utilizing the Dropbox Badge to avoid this kind of situations? 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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