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Re-install required repeatedly

Re-install required repeatedly

New member | Level 2

Dropbox icon in the top ribbon is greyed out and indicates "Click here to sign in and get started". When I do sign in and go through all the prompts for setting up a new account and then connects to my established account the icon briefly becomes black (normal), shows a sync in process and then immediately (1 sec) disappears from the ribbon. It shortly thereafter reappears greyed out again. Have attempted this 3-4 times, removed and reinstalled dropbox with no success. 

This started after I updated System Preferences (version 14.0). 

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Re: Re-install required repeatedly


Hi @dthea, welcome to the Community!

Could you confirm if you performed a full Advanced Reinstall of the desktop application?

Also, can you review to ensure your device adheres to all of the system requirements in order to run the Dropbox app? 

If you could also send me a screenshot of what the Dropbox icon in your system tray looks like (without any personal information) that would be very helpful. 

Thanks in advance!


Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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