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To be able to upload large files via FTP

Explorer | Level 3

I am requesting the feature to be able to upload large files to my Dropbox account via SFTP. I know this is not your policy, but there is no way you can convince me that syncing is faster than a direct FTP. I know the technical reasons is because you are saving bandwidth and secretly throttling. I know this, because I'm neighbors with one of the largest video sites that serve up Terrabytes of data. 

The truth of the matter and most customers know this, that FTP is much faster than the Dropbox browser or Syncing method. 

Would love to have this as a feature!

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Re: FTP Upload

Super User II
Super User II

Dropbox have previously, on numerous occasions, rejected requests for FTP.

Also, data itself isnt throttled by Dropbox but MAY BE via ISP's (I'm in the UK and some over here will do so - both publicly and secretively).


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