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drop crashes and starts reindexing all data and moves location

drop crashes and starts reindexing all data and moves location

Hayko R.
New member | Level 2

So hello,


the situation should be pretty simple, but I've had various multiple errors when trying to find a solution for more than two weeks now.


Linux, I've had the dropbox for about two years (pro service, 600 gbyte) on my local drive. Now after some updates of the system, i cannot use any aspect of the dropbox service anymore.


1) it didnt recognize my login / downloaded files. so i logged on for new

2) it doesnt recognize my old files, and moves all data to ~/Dropbox rather than my own local drive stuff on /scratch/something/Dropbox

3) when i delete all config files (e.g. ~/.dropbox and /scratch/something/Dropbox), i can start from scratch, tell it to move all data to /scratch/something/Dropbox, and it starts downloading. pretty fast, about 20 gb/hour, but around 70 to 100 gbyte it crashes again, looses all it remembers, and does either 4) or 5) or 6)

4) reindex everything, /corruptdb is added itself to the command line, and it runs for hours / days without getting anywhere. it's faster to delete all, and download than to let the indexer try anything...

5) it finds my old folder but decides that all files are no in conflict and doubles every single file i have in there

6) it forgets the location, and reverts to downloading all things to ~/Dropbox


7) if i now try resetup again, with 100 gbyte downloaded, and move the location right at the start, it complaints that i cannot use /scratch/something/Dropbox because there is already  a Dropbox folder!?


whatever i tried doesnt work, whatever help support is online is too simple, since i know now off by heart how to move it a file, it just simply doesnt work or crashes!


since i've now tried all combos of downloading & later moving, different setup locations, complete reinstalls of new versions of dropbox, multiple times setup... i'm at a loss. i love the dropbox, but this hazzle has cost me numerous days of lost time, unhappy thoughts about dropbox, massive de-sync versions because i had to do some work "offline". this is crazy.


for info, i'm syncing the same dropbox to 3 computers,  - two windows are fine, just the linux one i cant setup again. the only thing i can think of which may be a problem is that my home directory ~/.dropbox is on a network file system (NFS), hence for the meta data stuff. and you guys keep saying dont use network file systems for the Dropbox folder. it's the meta folder ~/.dropbox that you have there, that may cause the problems... oddly enough, it's been on that nfs for 3 years now... all fine, just now it seems to go on a battle with dropbox...


any help is greatly appreciated, and please dont send me another help faq with the button how to move the location. i've been there...



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Re: drop crashes and starts reindexing all data and moves location

New member | Level 2

Well, I see it's been a year since you wrote. The problem on Linux pretty much still exists. Every time I reboot the machine, Dropbox re-indexes. 


I'm on RedHat Linux (RHEL 7.4) and ~/Dropbox and ~/.dropbox are mounted on xfs filesystem. Everything else is default set by Dropbox



[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ date
Tue Jan 16 09:54:36 EST 2018

[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ pwd

[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ df -hT .
Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/rhel-home xfs 192G 152G 40G 80% /home

[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ dropbox status
Dropbox isn't running!

[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ dropbox autostart
dropbox autostart [y/n]

n dropbox will not start automatically at login
y dropbox will start automatically at login (default)

Note: May only work on current Ubuntu distributions.

[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ dropbox running

[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ dropbox start
Dropbox isn't running!
Dropbox is already running!

[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ dropbox status
Dropbox isn't running!

[ram@thinkred1cartoon Dropbox]$ uname -a
Linux 3.10.0-693.11.6.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Dec 28 14:23:39 EST 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


So, your concern about "~/.dropbox being on a network file system (NFS)" doesn't seem to be the reason for the problem.


Hope this helps dropbox community save some time.


Raman Kathpalia





Re: drop crashes and starts reindexing all data and moves location

New member | Level 2

Hi guys,

another year is passed since the first post and guess what? I've got the same problem on Ubuntu 18.04 and my Dropbox folder on a separated HDD with ext4 file system. The fact is that if I move Dropbox folder on my OS drive (Samsung SSD), I've got no problem at all. My personal workaround is to suspend rather than shut down.

The point is: do they really think I'm going to use an SSD for mass storage? I've got around a TB to sync and by the way smart sync (I pay for a pro account) on linux is not yet supported.

I really don't know why major SW houses treat linux like that. It's a shame. Let's hope that Google Stadia and more in general cloud computing will bring more people on the right side of PC making as a consequence SW change their behaviour.

See you next year guys.

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