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messed up desktop

New member | Level 2

I installed drop boxbox to share files from my laptop to my tablet. I downloaded the app and it messed up my desktop. I did not want my desktop in my dropbox or linked to it. it wouldn't allow me to delete the file etc or remove my desktop parts from my dropbox so i ended up deleting the whole dropbox to try and fix the desktop. Unfortunately it has also deleted all my documents and photo effectively a years worth of uni work and desktop is still messed up with two desktop folders and missing documents and downloads folder. 


is there anyway to recover the work? i tried restore but there isn't a restore point that has the work 

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Re: messed up desktop

Hey @Retroagate, thanks for reaching out. 

I'm sorry to hear you have lost your files. It sounds like you enabled the computer backup service on your Dropbox application, which backs up your desktop files to Dropbox. 

Do you happen to know if the files got a chance to sync to your Dropbox before you deleted them?

If they did, you should be able to find them in your deleted files page. 

Can you also check your computer's Recycle bin/Trash to see if the files are there?

Let me know what you find.

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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