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smart sync on MacBook Pro

smart sync on MacBook Pro

New member | Level 2


I have just bought a Macbook pro

installed Dropbox and want to enable Smart sync

in order to do this i get a pop up saying to enable allow Dropbox in the accessibility tab of preferences

I have unlocked the security and done this, Dropbox icon appears with a tick next to it

but when I leave that window the prompt comes up again. and if I try to continue the message asks whetehr i want to go ahead withough smart sync, warning me that dropxox will then take up space on my hard drive

can you help?

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Re: smart sync on MacBook Pro


Hi there @Chris123, let's have a look into this!

Just to confirm, can you please take a look at the steps outlined here for enabling Accessibility permissions and see if there was anything missed in the process?

Otherwise, can you just let me know which version of the desktop app you have installed and send along a screenshot of the error message that you see there?

Let me know what you find and we'll go from there - thanks!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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