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so frustrated

so frustrated

New member | Level 2

so frustrated!!! Dropbox kept giving me an error that said no internet connection, so i uninstalled/reinstalled it. Now, when i click to open it, it just goes to a floder with how to get started .pdf. Wasted too much time on this stupid app, but I cant use search on the internet version. If i could delete this app and move on with my life, I would. Unfortunately, not an option.

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Re: so frustrated

Collaborator | Level 10

Hi there


Sorry that you are feeling frustrated.


I have been using Dropbox for many years and if I recall correctly, once you install the Dropbox desktop app, there is a default Getting Started PDF to provide you with some guidance - same thing happens when you install or reinstall the Paper app on your phone.


Do you get an error when trying to use the search option on the Web version? Did you try a different browser? Do you have files inside your Dropbox account that you can actually search for?


Also, to uninstall the application from your computer is not difficult. There's very clear instructions available online. Let me know if you need help with that.





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