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Accessing Sub-Folders and Items Inside Hidden Folders

Accessing Sub-Folders and Items Inside Hidden Folders

New member | Level 2

I found a post about this issue that I am having dating back to 2017, however, it does not look to have been adequately answered or resolved, so I would like to bring it up again, in light of the DropBox and Google Drive combined beta.

For Reference:

https:confused face:/

Basically, the problem is this; small businesses need a way to delegate access to documents and sub-folders within folders that those people do not have access to. For example, a project manager like myself may need access to certain financial/budgetary sub-folders within the HR/ADMIN root folder. However, it does not make business sense to give me access to that entire root folder, as it contains confidential materials that I do not need access to.

Dropbox's go to solution is to pull the finacial/budgetary folders out of the HR/ADMIN root folder, and create a new root folder and share it with those people that need it. There also is some convulted explanation of a team folder, which is esentially the same process of pulling the sub-folder out, making it a team folder instead, and then creating teams whose accesses are different than the shared folder groups.

Long story short, this is an extremely ineffecient way of allowing/denying access to sub-folders and documents within hidden folders. You end up with a mess of duplicate root and shared folders in your DropBox, almost always containing sensitive information (the reason for hiding folders/denying access to begin with).


My question is: will we ever be given access to delegate permissions at an individual file and/or sub-folder level? Will this integration with Google Drive provide that kind of granularity when it comes to file sharing? If not, I am afraid our business will have to look for an alternative.

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Re: Accessing Sub-Folders and Items Inside Hidden Folders


Thanks for reaching out to us here @AlexG1!

I completely understand how this would be an inefficient way for you to manage access to those lower level folders within the account.

Perhaps you could take a look at the steps outlined here to restrict access to sub folders to see if that will do the trick for you?

Let me know if this helps at all - thanks!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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