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Admin Lockout - No access

Admin Lockout - No access

New member | Level 2

So i go straight to the point.

I was doing a migration for a company and managed to lock myself out of the DropBox Admin account and no im a bit stuck, any way i can get som help here?


I was going to reset the admin password so no one except for me could access the files so the files that was migratet was the final files.

only to find out the Admin account did not have any email active anymore.

I have now given the email a license and it is active but i dont recive any link to reset the password.

Is there a way to get in touch with the DropBox team and be able to send som information to show that the company is the owner of the Admin Team account.


- Slattaa

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Re: Admin Lockout - No access


Hey there @Slattaa, thanks for reaching out to us here!


If you'd like to contact the Support team, you can submit a ticket for this issue from here through an incognito window (so you're signed out of any Dropbox accounts).


You'll receive a ticket number (eg. #1234567) which you can let me know here so that I can pass along the info you've already provided.


In the meantime, I can suggest checking out the steps suggested here under "Why didn’t I receive a password reset email?".


Let me know if you have any questions!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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