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Dropbox Business payment failed

Dropbox Business payment failed

New member | Level 2

This weekend, the dropbox should upgrade automatically to a 'Dropbox Business' account. Today, I read this message in my mailbox:


"Bad news - we weren't able to renew your Dropbox Business account. But no need to worry! Renewing's easy. Just go to the renew page."


But in the renew-page, we must fill in our payment contact info again...


So, what's wrong, wat must we do?

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Re: Dropbox Business payment failed


Hi Gust,


Thank you for posting on the Dropbox Forum!


When billing information is expired and needs to be updated, users usually receive such messages. However, to protect your privacy, I would like to suggest that you write at, Dropbox Support, to further assist you with this issue. 


Please feel free to post your ticket number here and we´ll be more then happy to help!


Thanks for understanding! Looking forward to your post.





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