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I joined a Dropbox for Business teams account and I have some feedback about the process

I joined a Dropbox for Business teams account and I have some feedback about the process

Helpful | Level 5

Someone I know asked me to join a team as we were going to collaborate on a project.

I duly clicked on yes.

Big mistake. 

  • Without asking it automaically signed me up to a 7 day bsiness trial
  • Without asking it made this other person the adminstrator of my whole Dropbox account, someone I barely know but just wanted to work on a project with.
  • I couldn't leave the team
  • It totally rearranged my dropbox folders on my computer, renamed the Dropbox folder

He removed me from the team to try and fix it. This left me locked out of my account, unable to log in as it was suspended!

He then made me an adminstrator of the team account to see if I could fix it. This enabled me to log in again. I removed him from the team and deleted the team but it still left him as admin of my Dropbox account.

I then (on the advice of Dropbox support) deleted my 7 day trial of the business account


  • Deleted my Plus account as well and reset me to a basic account
  • Deleted all my local Dropbox files and folders, all of them and not to the recyle bin either

So now I'm left with a basic account even though I've paid for a Plus account and having to redownload all my files from the cloud (Hundreds of megabytes on a slow connection) I cannot sync any new files as I don't have the space in my Basic account.


What a terrible system.

You need to flag up to people that if they join a team they will lose the admin rights to their own account. Well you shouldn't have to flag it up since it's a ludicrous thing to happen when you join a team anyway! Whose idea was that FFS? Were you actually on drugs when you sat in a meeting together and decided that was a good idea?

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Re: I joined a Dropbox for Business teams account and I have some feedback about the process


Hi @Nicholas M.4; thanks for getting in touch with us about this matter. 


From what I gather, you recently accepted an invite to join a Dropbox for Business Teams account (and not merely a shared folder)- correct me if I'm wrong please.


When you're onboarded to a team you are asked if you'd like to join wth your current account or create another account under another email address of yours, exactly to prevent situations like this from happening. 


It sounds like you went with the first option and upon onboarding the team, your account's ownership passed to your team's admin -since they're the ones who would pay for the Dropbox for Business plan in question and are practically the administrator of the whole (team) account. 


In cases like this, the best way to tackle it would be to have the team's admin convert your account back to an individual one using the steps from the relevant guide.


As for your previous (individual, Plus) subscription -and not account, if I may add, since we're not able to delete accounts from our end for security purposes-  if the free trial of this Business account converted to a paid one (after the trial's end), you should have received a pro-rated refund for the remaining time to your original payment method. At this point, since you're offboarded from the team in question, you can re-upgrade to your previous plan if needed. 


If that hasn't happened or if you're still having billing related inquiries, I'd suggest contacting our team through the relevant form so we can assist with account specific information.


That all being said, I'll make a note of your feedback -thanks for your honesty btw- and I will pass it on to the relevant teams in the first chance I get.


I know it's not much, but I sure hope this helps to some extent Nicholas. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: I joined a Dropbox for Business teams account and I have some feedback about the process

Helpful | Level 5

Thanks for the reply. My thoughts on the implemtaion of teams below


The whole teams set up is a really badly implemented system.

The question asking if you want to use your existing account or a new one for joining a Team does not make it clear in any way that if you use your existing account it will delete it and assign the person who invited you administrator over your whole Dropbox. You no longer have any control over your own Dropbox!

I worked out that it had deleted my account and refunded me. It took a while to figure this out since there was no note to that effect or email telling me what had happened.

Upon leaving the Team, since I did not want someone else to be the Administrator of my Dropbox account! Why the hell would I want that? I found that all my local files had been deleted.

I had to reinstate them all from the online account, having paid to have a Plus account again. This took days as I have hundreds of megabytes of files and a slow internet connection.

All I wanted to do was collaborate on one small thing with another Dropbox user and what I ended up with was a day’s work sorting out a horrible mess that could easily have been avoided if the process just told me what I was signing up for when I clicked ‘yes’

Again this is a very badly thought out implementation of Teams and it needs addressing by Dropbox. All it need is a warning box saying your account will be ended and refunded and the person whose team you are joining will now be the administrator of your account, you will no longer have admin rights over your files.

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