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Teams account administration

Teams account administration

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We are currently a team of 3 members who needs to have a shared space. So we figured using Dropbox Business, with a Standard plan would be a neat idea for us. I already tried "testing" it a bit, but it seems a bit convoluted and complex to understand how Dropbox is handling the accounts.


So what I wonder is... What is the best practise to handle and setup the accounts? So far I came up with two options:


* Option 1:   One email account serving as the admin and billing account, and then add 3 additional emails for each members.

* Option 2:   Use one member as the admin and billing account, and then add 2 addiotional emails for the remaning members.


To further explain the confusion and frustration. Each member already have their own private Dropbox. I already tried to have one member using their private Dropbox account to upgrade to the Business plan, and now this private account is mixed up with the business settings. It looks like it doesnt act as a Private account anymore. The amount of space that this private account already accumulated over the years just "disappeared". Meaning, it didnt add to the 3TB space from the Business plan. The files itself though, is still intact.


The whole idea is to keep the private space / account seperate from the business space, for all members, and especially for the admin account too? How to revert the current admin account back to its previous state? 


Would love to have some good insight on this matter.

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Re: Teams account administration

Hi @LarsCG, thanks for joining the Community!

In general, Dropbox Business teams are created by the user who upgrade to a Business plan, and then invites other users to join the team as normal members.

Those members can join the team with their personal accounts if one already exists at that email, and choose to merge their data with the team. Bear in mind that the admin will have full control over their accounts, since they would no longer be a personal plan.

Since you've described a user becoming a team admin by upgrading, they can follow these steps to cancel their plan.

Keep me updated with any progress!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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