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Re: Get back to school ready with Dropbox apps and integrations

Get back to school ready with Dropbox apps and integrations

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Get back to school ready with Dropbox and apps and integrations

The notebooks are back. The school bags are on stands at the front of the store. The back to school season is upon us, and it’s time for routine again. Whether or not you’re in school, Dropbox can help you use this time to get organized.
Last year, we shared some tips and tricks to make school easy, which you can check out if you want to learn more about how to:
  • Create a folder system in Dropbox that makes sense
  • Create a to do list that you update daily or weekly with Paper
  • Create a project calendar, and link important dates to your to do list
  • Create your group project folders ASAP
  • Make the most of the Scanner app
  • Use Zoom integrations
This year, we have even more tips to take the pain out of school, the school run, and the dreaded Sunday night panic.

Dropbox Capture:

Use Dropbox Capture to make sure your classmates/students or teammates are in the loop.
Dropbox Capture is a new video tool that makes it easy to create and share clips with your peers so you can share an update instead of a meeting, and everyone gets more time in their busy days. Or, use it to keep students on the same page - no one likes repeating the same information over and over and a clip can do that for you. Keep your eyes peeled for when Capture is available on your plan. Check out how Amelia uses Dropbox Capture here.


Canvas can take a lot of the pain out of organizing your coursework, and now it’s even easier if you connect Canvas and Dropbox. By centralizing your course classwork with Dropbox, you can be sure your files are secure, and you can easily upload your homework assignments, your notes and tests from Dropbox to Canvas, too. 


If you like to transcribe your lessons, you should try using Rev. Using the Rev extension in the Dropbox App Center, which will create 99% accurate Rev transcripts, captions, and subtitles directly from files within your Dropbox account. Now, if you didn’t catch what your teacher said, or you’re a teacher yourself, you can save down a transcript of a lesson for later use. Learn more about Rev and online teaching here.

Dropbox Family plan:

We can’t do the school run for you, or organize the family calendar to make sure everyone gets to practice on time, but Dropbox can help you keep everyone on the same page. You might have seen us talk about Dropbox Family here - and of course, the Family Room folder. If you haven’t, you can learn about Family plan here but for back to school, the Family Room folder is where your family can organize and access all types of files, from receipts and tax documents to photos and school work. When you upload or create files and folders inside the Family Room folder, all Family plan members will automatically have access to them.
Are you a parent, a student, or an educator? Share your back to school hacks and tips below, we love to learn from the real experts! 
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Re: Get back to school ready with Dropbox apps and integrations

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