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We want to hear from you

We want to hear from you

Community Manager
Whether it’s for personal use, education or work, there are a lot of people who use Dropbox differently. We want to know more about how you get the most from Dropbox, and how you make it work for you. We would love to see any tips, tricks or Dropbox features that make your life easier in the comments, to help other Dropbox members.
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Re: We want to hear from you

Collaborator | Level 8

I use it for multiple purposes - including work, education and leisure.

Share databases with my fellow reasearchers; keep published papers and essays for posterior reading.

Also keep all of my pictures and personal stuff like diplomas.

My biggest tip is to always keep in eye on the community and features tab to make sure you're not missing out on any dope feature!

Thanks dropbox team for being so active!!

Take care ❤️


Re: We want to hear from you

Super User II

I love putting all of my Documents (everything!) in to Dropbox so that when I get to work or wherever I am going I know if I forget something or need access to something else I can. 


Its made my life soooo much easier by literally having 'my life' in my pocket on my phone/iPad or, if I need access to more stuff, via any computer 🙂


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Re: We want to hear from you

starboy bebop
Helpful | Level 6

Personally, I use Dropbox to upload pics that friends and family send me, pics I defenetly want to save and to keep forever on a safe place! I also use a shared folder to upload pics that I have with some friends that also use dropbox.

I love Dropbox and it has been very useful so far.

Re: We want to hear from you

Collaborator | Level 10

I use my Dropbox account for a number of purposes. 


1. To backup the photos on my mobile phone

2. I integrate with HelloSign to e-sign documents. In fact I integrate with many external apps like Zoom, Slack, PDF software and more. 

3. I like having my files accessible (on my phone) wherever I go

4. I back up work related files in a separate folder in Dropbox from OneDrive for Business

5. I use CloudPlayer to sync my music files from Dropbox to my phone

6. Much more!





Re: We want to hear from you

Super User

Did you ever remember a certain document on your computer in a meeting just having your mobile phone with you?

All mine are in my Dropbox account so I look it up in the Dropbox app on my mobile and pass it over to my meeting partner - done!

Did you ever been on a holyday standing at the desk (hotel rezeption or diving school) and printed reservations or your diving license are "save at home" ;-((((

No problem with Dropbox: booking a journey I put all "printouts" in a quick accessible folder in my Dropbox and all my documents from birth certificate to diving and sailing licenses are in my Dropbox "scanned documents".

Dropbox does this all "behind the scenes"… for me ALL my documents are in the Dropbox folder and with the new backup feature desktop-, downloads- and documents-folder-files are all with me in my pocket…

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Re: We want to hear from you

Stefen H.
Collaborator | Level 8

I have a friend who occasionally asks me to fix the volume of audio files for her. We have a shared Dropbox folder that contains two other folders, one for the files that need fixing and one for files that have been fixed. I use GoldWave, so I have its batch processing set to grab the files from the first folder, fix them, and save the fixed versions to the second folder while automatically deleting the original files.


note for anyone who tries this: While GoldWave is saving the new file, Dropbox is going to try to index it until it's done. It's nothing to worry about, but may possibly use more CPU resources. If that's a concern, you can pause syncing until the process is complete.

Re: We want to hear from you

New member | Level 2
Para mi es el mejor de todos, mi trabajo, mis proyectos personales, mis fotos valiosas, y muchas veces cómo una herramienta fundamental en mis actividades virtuales

Re: We want to hear from you

Helpful | Level 6

I started using Dropbox years ago for work, but loved being able to have my files accessible anywhere so much, that I started using it for pretty much everything.  I enjoy having all of my files in one place that I can access anytime, anywhere using all my devices.  ****The only thing I wish for is a "secure" feature.  I need to be able to encrypt certain files. I ended up using another App to do the encryption, but it would be so lovely if I didn't have to use ANOTHER App, but could do it all with Dropbox.


****I got my wish!!****

DB just added a new feature called Vault.  I tried it out today for the first time and it's just what I was asking for!  I would like to suggest two changes:  keep the Vault separate from the other files (maybe in the left navigation bar or above the folder list or something) and allow users to lock the Vault at anytime - without having to sign out of DB.  Then it will be PERFECT.

Great job with this new feature!! Thank you so much.

Re: We want to hear from you

Marcus W.6
New member | Level 2
Private mostly, some work related. Syncing keepass password file, important docs, research. I use both Dropbox, Google drive and o365, the latter mostly for work.

Key feature of Dropbox, for me, is file sync to the native OS file system, that is independent. No ties and funny business with other apps. That simple thing enables other use cases.
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