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1 folder 2 shared links

New member | Level 1

I would like to share a link to a folder (read only) to two different people

Person 1 - would have an unlimited viewing time and an easy password for us to discuss on the phone the contents of the folder, and I'm the only one who can update it based on the discussion.

Person 2 - is the person who would have the link after Person 1 & I are done fixing up the contents, however Person 2's permission would be limited to 7 days and a difficult password. 

Currently I see that there is only one link that can be created per folder. Is there any other way to create two links for the same folder with different permissions? Future option?

Current Status: Unspecified

Super User II
Super User II

Not at present unless you just create an exact replica of the folder and share it twice. 

No idea on future plans - Dropbox doesn't release roadmaps :(

Michelle S.17 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

I have the same issue. I have a folder that I want to send with a link to multiple people but with different passwords. This is very disconcerting.  :(

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Hi, Michelle.

I'm sure you have your reasons for why you want each person you send the link to having their own unique password to access it.

May I humbly ask what those reasons are?

If you're managing a team with ten members and want to share a folder with all of them do you really want to make up 10 different passwords for the same folder? Instead of just one?

If one of them forgets their password (which at least two people always will) do you really want to have to look up which of the 10 different passwords they should be using?

The OP, Chris, had a specific purpose in mind. I'm asking just in case yours is different.

I just want to help.

Michelle S.17 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Absolutely. I sell templates to Medical schools and pharmaceutical companies and since the folders contain the templates I am marketing to each, I would like to create a link for the same folder but with a different password for each client.

Does that make sense to you?

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Now I get it. Yes, that makes sense.

Thanks for telling me, Michelle. 

Would Mark's suggested work around do what you want? Which is basically copying that template folder each time you have a new client?

Then you could share that newly made template folder specifically with that client. Which you could also rename exclusively for them.

They would get their own link, unique password, perhaps even expiration date. You would have total control over your online relationship between you and that client's specific folder and the contents within.

If you did extra work for one client and made a new custom template, you could put it just in their own folder. You wouldn't have to worry that all your other clients automatically got that work too - for free. Which is exactly what would happen if everyone was linking to the same folder.

This tactic would be a problem if the base template folder was 100 GB or so in size. But if it is much smaller, such as under 1 GB, then you should be good for a while. 

Is using multiple copies of the original folder, one for each client, a valid idea?

Btw, are you using 1password to keep track of all passwords for your clients?


Michelle S.17 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Hi Kenneth, Of course if that is my only option, I would have to do that. It would be great to have an option to create a new link to the same folder so that every time I change a document or have to add a template for all my clients, I would not have to upload that file to every folder. To be fair, I will tell you that I am looking at other software to see if they can present a similar option for their product, which is to have one folder but many links with different passwords.  BTW: I have not heard of 1password before. Is this a Dropbox product?

Super User II
Super User II

I think you probably do need another product Michelle as Dropbox isnt designed / intended to work as a content distribution system - especially one where you have money on the line. 

For example, how do you know only 1 person or company is accessing the links? How do you know they are not sending it out? As you have no tracking on the files its impossible to monitor. 

Michelle S.17 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

True, I do not have any way of knowing.  I have to trust that the clients I am working with have integrity.  I have had a toolbar created for Word that works with these templates and only those with the template can utilize the toolbar. Of course, you don't need the toolbar to work with these templates but my company is also a formatting and QC company and can help my clients format these templates after they enter their content. These templates are for submissions to the FDA and Asian and European Agency submissions so they need to have certain styles and formats they need to follow.  The medical writers and authors usually do not have a lot of experience using Word functionality even though they can certainly write the content needed for the documents. So only my paying clients will have the chance to utilize my services. I also have a Non-Disclosure Agreement that my clients need to sign so I could prosecute, if necessary.

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I gotcha, Michelle. That makes a lot of sense. 

Thanks for explaining more about your business. I appreciate it. Helps me better grasp your situation. I'm a newbie to Dropbox but so far it looks like Dropbox is exactly what you need. 

Mark knows what he's talking about but it looks like you've got all your bases covered. You're in great shape! Doesn't sound like these templates are large at all. Now it's just up to solving that multiple links and passwords for the same folder problem. 

I don't know of any software or service that does that but I believe you'll find it. You've already taken care of other potential problems I could think of. If I somehow stumble across a solution I'll certainly update this topic. But again, I've got a feeling you'll find a solution before I will. There's a neon sign saying you know what you're doing.

Btw, sorry I didn't think about that drawback. The drawback that if you tried my example of 10 clients and wanted them all to get a new template, you would have to sync the new template then copy/paste that 9 times, each going to a separate folder. Yikes! Sorry about that. Glad you thought it through.

1password isn't a Dropbox product. It's made by AgileBits. You use one "master password" to access or run the app. Then it opens up and lists all your website logins and passwords, secure notes, credit card details, online profiles for various websites, etc. Anything and everything you want. 

So you could let 1password come up with passwords for you (which it does extremely well) and assign those to various clients and it will keep track of them for you. For each client, if you change a password it will also show you what their previous password was and the day it was changed. Along with allowing you to add notes, attach files, write custom sections labels and information important to you, and far more.

Lastly, it's like Dropbox in that it works on almost everything. Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Linux. It also syncs with Dropbox or you could use wi-fi, etc. So after you update passwords on your desktop the mobile version of 1password has it updated too. So in the palm of your hand you always have all your secure information and passwords right at your fingertips.

I humbly suggest watching a 2 minute video explaining what 1password is. Right from their website. 

2 minute video what is 1password

Btw, I think they have a special sale 50% off running right now. Regardless of the price it's well worth every penny!


Michelle S.17 New member | Level 1
New member | Level 1

Thanks for that info. I love the idea of 1password but am extremely anxious about the software getting hacked. It's begging to be hacked, actually - kind of like LifeLock.  But thank you for the information. I appreciate all of your feedback and if I cannot find another software that does what I need it to do, I WILL stay with Dropbox.  I especially appreciate the fact that you responded to my questions so quickly. As a business owner, I am constantly watching emails so that I can respond as quickly as possible to my clients.  You and Mark are doing just that.  That is admirable. Thank you both. 

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