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Do you plan a smaller personal Dropbox storage space?
E.g. Google: 100Gb/month - 1,99$/month
I like Dropbox but 1Tb is too big for me and I think I am not alone with this.

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I think I can categorically state this will never ever happen.

Dropbox have tried smaller plans and found it lost them money. Also, until summer this year it was actually $99pa for 100gb. They increased the storage space and didnt change the price.

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I think Dropbox will lose many private users and Dropbox has lost me.
(1,99$/month is much more than 0,00$)

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I love dropbox but 1TB is way too big for me. I'm seriously looking into Google drive for 100GB.

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I would love a smaller option as well, I really only need about 50GB. There are alternatives available who offer that price range, but I do like Dropbox so I'd like to continue using it. I hope they review that decision, but as Mark said... they would probably shed a lot of $10 users if they did.
It'd be sad to leave Dropbox.

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It's a bad Idea don't think at small feed.
You say you lost money, I think you lost more money losing the users. I'm one of the user that now must buy the upgrade.
What will be done? I don't need 1TB, I'm not a company, or businness man, I have my files and photo as backup and I don't need more then 50GB. I'm interest about the monthly feed (better in this case should be the annual/s feed one shot) but only for 50/100GB 20 Bucks year it's ok 100 Buck, for a space I will not use, it's a BAD investment.

So Sorry, as Gyula G. say, G+ drive will be more intersting becouse think at the people that are behind the companies, that could use the DBox only becouse a IT Cons. or a Manager, that use is privatly, has proposed it.
So Mark Mc. I will think a little more before delete the small plan from you to do list.

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No, because they aren't financially viable for Dropbox.

They've trialled smaller plans in the past and lost money on them.

And remember it was, until a few months ago, 100GB for $9.99/month.

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Thanks, thats too bad, seems like I need to switch to gmail then, I see they have a 100 GB option

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I am also interested in the 50-100 gb data-plans. I currently have a 48GB Samsung promotion, ideal for me (student). After this, I would be very happy to keep stuff as it is, and €2,-/month does not sound crazy for me. Such a shame that Dropbox goes money-hunting after all.

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i think the same 1000 gb is a bit much for me and i have been looking at the Google drive option for 100gb much more realistic.