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Do you plan a smaller personal Dropbox storage space?
E.g. Google: 100Gb/month - 1,99$/month
I like Dropbox but 1Tb is too big for me and I think I am not alone with this.

Super User II

I think I can categorically state this will never ever happen.

Dropbox have tried smaller plans and found it lost them money. Also, until summer this year it was actually $99pa for 100gb. They increased the storage space and didnt change the price.

Level 1

I think Dropbox will lose many private users and Dropbox has lost me.
(1,99$/month is much more than 0,00$)

Level 1

I love dropbox but 1TB is way too big for me. I'm seriously looking into Google drive for 100GB.

Level 1

I would love a smaller option as well, I really only need about 50GB. There are alternatives available who offer that price range, but I do like Dropbox so I'd like to continue using it. I hope they review that decision, but as Mark said... they would probably shed a lot of $10 users if they did.
It'd be sad to leave Dropbox.

Level 1

It's a bad Idea don't think at small feed.
You say you lost money, I think you lost more money losing the users. I'm one of the user that now must buy the upgrade.
What will be done? I don't need 1TB, I'm not a company, or businness man, I have my files and photo as backup and I don't need more then 50GB. I'm interest about the monthly feed (better in this case should be the annual/s feed one shot) but only for 50/100GB 20 Bucks year it's ok 100 Buck, for a space I will not use, it's a BAD investment.

So Sorry, as Gyula G. say, G+ drive will be more intersting becouse think at the people that are behind the companies, that could use the DBox only becouse a IT Cons. or a Manager, that use is privatly, has proposed it.
So Mark Mc. I will think a little more before delete the small plan from you to do list.

Level 2

I am also interested in the 50-100 gb data-plans. I currently have a 48GB Samsung promotion, ideal for me (student). After this, I would be very happy to keep stuff as it is, and €2,-/month does not sound crazy for me. Such a shame that Dropbox goes money-hunting after all.

Level 1

i think the same 1000 gb is a bit much for me and i have been looking at the Google drive option for 100gb much more realistic.

Level 1

Same goes for me. Only using 40Gb atm.

Super User

Dropbox trialled smaller plans in the past and found that they weren't financially viable.

100GB or 1TB, it costs DB the same to run your account, so they offer you 1TB and you use what you need.


dropbox sucks so much ass that it makes my teeth go brown

9.99$\month for a file syncing service?im not going to be another stupid ass helping them pile more cash by manipulating loyal customers.Got unlimited in onedrive 6.99$/month