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Is there a 64-bit version?

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There are x64 versions available for Linux,
..though there's none for Mac/Windows yet.

Dropbox takes considerably big CPU resource against powerless laptops, so I'm really looking forward to see them.
Chrome x64 did make tangible difference, and hopefully Dropbox x64 comes out that way, too!
BTW it was surprising seeing almost none who asks for one of those.

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Since upgrading to Windows 10, I have tweeked my startup apps (getting rid of deadwood) and dropbox is showing as having a high impact on startup.  Wondering if a 64 bit version would help.

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Wondering if a 64 bit version would help.

In any real-world usage scenario, no it wouldn't.

Dropbox have stated there's no benefit to be gained from a 64bit client at this time.

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100% Disk Usage at startup on Windows 10 - dropbox is the culprit

I am also having issues with high disk utilization at startup since upgrading to Windows 10.  Not sure if I agree with a 64 bit version not making a positive impact. 

In an effort to fix the problem, I have researched and applied all the fixes (I could find) for high disk utilization in Windows 10 - including:

  1. Stopping Maintenance in Security & Maintenance (or Action Centre)
  2. Disabling Windows SmartScreen
  3. Disabling Superfetch
  4. Disabling Background Intelligence
  5. removing all unnecessary apps from Startup (including several OEM apps)

And after all that - still 100% on startup for about the first 10 minutes - then it levels out.  When I check Task Manager - Disk Performance it is, consistently, dropbox that is the culprit.

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100% Disc Usage Windows 10 - Dropbox Compatibility


I was also having problems with my dropbox and Disc Usage in Win 10. I did the following:

1. As always, turn of the BITS Service.

2. In task manager, Autostart-> Dropbox -> Properties, and then In compatibility I chose to run it as Win7 Compatible. It works way faster and does´t gets you to 100% Disc Usage anymore (maybe just at the start, but it is soon gone)

Hope it helps!

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If your windows 10 PC is undergoing 100% disk usage, then disable search services by opening services in taskbar search , opening services manager and disable windows search service. You may also disable windows update service, but you have to enable it after few days, as disabling windows 10 update service is not recommended. Also disable superfetch and Background apps.

To disable background apps just go to settings – privacy – background apps and disable background apps.