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Level 2

Windows users would love a 64-bit version!

Super User II
Super User II

There should be threads on this already Marc about how it wouldnt make any impact upon usage at all - and Dropbox saying one isnt coming

Unfortunately I dont know the reasons well enough to explain slightly smiling face

Robert S.
Level 11

Windows users would love a 64-bit version!

No, a tiny subset of Windows users who inexplicably enjoy staring at Task Manager would like one for no clearly definable reason.

The overwhelming majority who don't, simply aren't bothered so long as it works.

Dropbox have repeatedly said that there's no tangible benefit to having a 64 bit client at this time.

Dave C.5 Level 2
Level 2

The real reason is, They cant make a 64bit version. Underlying parts are not built in 64bit. So that ends that.
The benift of a 64bit version would be only for the purests who want to run no 32 bit apps thus not wake the old gods and encuur the wrait of the new 64bit titans! :-P