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Ability to disable shell overlay icons?

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Level 1

Can you add an option to disable the use of these or at least stop abusing the use of them within the windows registry when adding them.

It seems live every time i restart my PC after a dropbox update i've lost my status icons from TortoiseSVN. Every time i have to go into the registry and edit the ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers setting as 'DropboxExt1', etc. they are now being added as ' "DropboxExt1' with a space and a quote in order to force them to the top of the list.

Major inconvenience just so dropbox always shows it's icon overlays whether i want them or not.

Tony B.19
Level 1

I just updated my Windows desktop client to v3.2.6. After doing so, the icon overlays for TortoiseSVN disappeared.

On examination, the new Dropbox client uses up around twice as many icon overlay slots than the previous version I had installed. Since the number of theses slots is severely limited in Windows by design, DropBox should consider dropping back to the smaller number it previously used. Both Google Drive and Microsoft's SkyDrive (or whatever they're calling it these days) make do with a smaller number of icon overlays.

Community Manager

Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed response - are you still having issues?

Bill T.7
Level 1

If you already know about the Windows icon overlay limit, you probably also know that Windows takes the defined overlays in order from the registry. (Locate at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers) I renamed mine so the SVN icons are first. But every time a new version of DropBox installs itself the associated icons always end up first in the list, so the problem occurs again. Fortunately, you can make the change again without requiring a reboot.

All of which is to say that I agree with Tony B. here. DropBox isn't the most important application I have using icon overlays and the company is being somewhat arrogant to assume that it is. Please find a way to be lower impact and/or give us a way to configure this so we don't have to keep hacking our registries in order to work around you.

Roel V.
Level 3

Additionally, please consider adding a way to use TortoiseOverlays icons; the icons are very similar already anyway. That way at least I can use t(svn/git/cvs) and dropbox on one machine, without every Dropbox update 'helpfully' restoring the dropbox overlays at the top of the list.

Josh G.7
Level 1

Yes this is still an issue because nothing has been done about providing an option to not create shell icon overlays

Paul P.29
Level 1

The issue is this:

I use TortoiseSVN. TortoiseSVN's overlay icons are far more important to me than Dropbox's overlay icons. If I manually edit the registry to remove Dropbox's overlay icon registry entries (to allow TortoiseSVN's overlays to function due to Explorer's 15 overlay icons restriction), Dropbox overwrites my registry edits.

For me I would like Dropbox to either

a) stop overriding my registry edits or
b) provide an opt-out for its own overlay icons.

Simon M.41 Level 2
Level 2

Same exact problem here.

David S.248
Level 1

The same issue for me.  Previously, Dropbox was not so aggressive about registering its icons.  

In my opinion, this reduces the value of Dropbox for our enterprise environment.  As the poster indicated, TortoiseSVN's icons are much more important.

Please make an option to disable the icon overlays for Dropbox.

Rod S.12
Level 1

Are we going to get an answer to this??? 

Drop Box should NOT override my settings!

TortoiseSVN's icons are much more important.



kassel b.
Level 1

Same issue here. Please add an option! Permanently overwriting the registry is a really anoying behavior of dropbox.