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Add labels to files

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When Gmail was released to the community, it was a game changer because unlike ALL the other email systems where you could ONLY drop/transfer an email into a folder to organize it, what Google has done was allow for any number of labels (or tags) to be added to an email. Suddenly, you had the most amazing ability to categorize and organize emails in a really powerful and flexible way.

StackOverflow has also created a pretty amazing tagging system which allows them to categorize Q&A efficiently.

Personally and at work, we manage hundreds of thousands of files, some large and some small. It would be amazing if we could "label" (or "tag") our files in order to categorize them. This would allow for a very powerful search capability.

I work for a startup doing deep learning where we have thousands of frames (images) for training and videos for inference. As of right now, we have a big mess of files on Dropbox. We are considering buying a NAS internally and buying software to organize our files. Only because Dropbox does not suppor such label/tag functionality!

A few typical use cases could be:

If I upload a file, say xyz.jpg to Dropbox, it could automatically create two 'system' tags, entitled 'image' and 'jpeg'. But for me to have the capability of going in and adding tag such as:  '720p', 'frame' and 'choke-point', etc. would be really powerful.

For our inference videos, we could classify them such as:  'h264', 'video', 'truck', 'trailer', 'driver', 'xyz-company', etc. This would allow us to easily search the right files and videos we want based on the labels/tags.



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Hello Christian; welcome to our Community and thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas on this!

As you noticed, this isn't an option at the time so I'll log this as a feature request. I won't be able to comment on when or if this might implemented though. 

Our developers are always looking for user input regarding our website and how it could improve so I will make sure your comments are passed along.

In the meantime, you could use comments on the mentioned files for your notes and extra details or even create (sub)folders for each tag you mentioned to keep them separate and organized in a helpful manner. 

I know it's not optimal but I hope it helps to some extent. 

Let me know if you have anything to add or ask @Christian J.8; I'll be happy to follow up. 

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