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Admin disable "remember me" on login screen

New member | Level 2

As an admin I would like the ability to disable the "remember me" option on the login screen.  This would force the user to enter a password whenever logging into Dropbox online.  Many apps make this available to company admins.  As cybersecurity becomes increasingly important this is a feature that I think is absolutely mandatory.  


I would really like for Dropbox to close the desktop app when a user logs out of their computer.  For some reason they think this is unnecessary and that a computer password is sufficient security.  I find it interesting that Boxcryptor, one of their technology partners, offers this extra security but Dropbox doesn't bother to do so.  Would it really take that much effort to add this feature?  You talk about how secure our data is in your cloud storage.  How about helping to make it secure on my desktop?

Current Status: New

Explorer | Level 4

I second this proposal. It might be sufficient if the "Remember Me" checkbox were simply unchecked by default and stay that way. Whenever I uncheck it prior to login, it is always checked on the next login.

Henri2 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I second this too and would like to extend to cover all Dropbox users. I want "Remember me" to be unchecked as default.

Often I find myself logged in because "Remember me" is always checked as default. I have a strong password and also Two-Step-Authentication activated but still, anyone using my PC can get in. We may share PC at work.

Nefarious New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I second it aswell even I follow up a year after. It is just annoying, and sometimes you may overlook that you had unchecked the "Remember Me" box. It is just silly, and it should not be as default. Why would I ever wanted to be remembered without my will?

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