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Are my photo captions viewable in Dropbox?

Level 3

Are photo captions viewable with Dropbox?

Hey there (@mob2), while you can currently add informative captions on your Dropbox Showcases & on attached media previews within a Dropbox Paper doc, there isn’t currently a way to create photo captions on image previews on Dropbox online. 
If you don’t mind me asking, can you elaborate a bit on what would be the ideal end-result, in order to further address your initial inquiry? Thanks in advance & happy Friday! 
Level 3

Hi Jane, thanks for your response but I don't want to copy/paste captions for 50-100 photos in the files preview in Dropbox paper when the caption is already embedded in Photoshop's file info of the picture.

I would think your coders could set up a caption field using the caption already embeded in the file info of the picture.(?) 

Thanks, mob2

Thanks for circling back to me here with all these additional details (@mob2)! Now I have a better understanding of your what you’d like to accomplish & your initial query is clearer to me; I appreciate all the time you’ve devoted in detailing your thoughts. As other users may align with your thinking, I’ve moved your post to the Share an Idea section 💡, where they could upvote your suggestion. 
Please feel free to ping me back in case you have more thoughts or questions. Thanks again for taking a bit of your time to post us on the Community & enjoy the rest of your day!