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Arranging files in Finder

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Hi, this isn't so much a question as it is a feature request. In the desktop syncing app for Dropbox on Mac I would love it if in Finder you could arrange files by Local, Partially-Local, and Online Only. 

In Finder by default you can arrange files by Name, Kind, Application, Date Created, etc. It would greatly help me to organize my Dropbox files if I could see all of my local files at the top of my Finder column. The reason is I work with a large team and our root folder can often have hundreds of folders that are a mixture of Local/Partially Local and Online. Not sure if this is possible, but worth thinking about, thanks.


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Hey there @treborc  - how are you today?

I wanted to thank you for the feedback - I'll make sure to pass your comments and suggestions on to our dev team. I can't comment on if or when this might be implemented though as I'm not in any decision making team and I think that these options are usually handled by your computer's OS. 

In any case, I'm logging this as a feature request for an option to sort your Dropbox files within your Dropbox Folder on your computer by their status, be them 'Online Only', 'Local' or in 'Mixed state' as you mentioned. 

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to add or ask please; I'll be glad to follow up.