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Bring back the green 'synced' checkmark in the system tray. Dropbox now looks offline all the time.

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In my Windows system tray (next to the clock), Dropbox used to show that it was fully synced by showing a green check-mark over the Dropbox icon. This was really helpfull. 


If Dropbox was offline, it would show no overlay icon. 


Recently (and according to Dropbox itsself) this has changed, the Dropbox icon now shows no overlay if it is fully synced, but to me, i constantly think my Dropbox is offline, instead of 'fully synced'.


So the idea is: please bring back the green 'fully synced' checkmark. Or -at least- make it an option to show it. 


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Scott C.67
Explorer | Level 4

It was a PIA to swtich, millerjb, I won't deny it. I had something like 80GB to transfer all told and, even with a 100Mbps connection, that's a lot of data to up and down to various synched machines. But... I felt strongly that I had to take a stand against complaints not being acknowledged and/or listened to.


That green tick is a little thing but an important thing, and if I'm paying over the odds for a service I want the thing that's important to me. I don't even care if Dropbox's flat-UI-obsessed management want to stick with the flat white icon as the default for 'synced': I just want the option for sane people who still appreciate non-flat UIs to re-enable the green tick. A literal tick box, that's all I wanted.


And yeah, me returning is gonna take a helluva lot more than a poxy 10% discount. I don't deny that a 75% offer might tempt me back but, that notwithstanding, all I really want for me to return is that little green tick.

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I've cancelled my subscription as well, and will be moving to OneDrive when it ends in a couple of months also.


I wouldn't have looked if it weren't for this green tick shenanigans, but it's 50% cheaper than my Dropbox plan, you get Office365 and I'm able to see and restore files I deleted a long time ago from OneDrive now.


So it's really a no brainer unfortunately, and I'm saying that as a Dropbox customer of 8 years...

Hilli New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I was just checking in today to see that I'm not alone in this green check mark think and Im glad to see Im not. I use DropBox for backup as I work locally and it drives me CRAZY that the check marks are gone and I have to double check carefully that I'm copying the new files from the local folder and erasing the old files in DB because the folders look identical now. it's a small thing but so senseless. I use IneDrive as well, and I like not only their use of checkmarks but also how the little file icon shows a little process bar when the upload takes time so you can see just by looking at the folder and icons how long it'll take.
I can't believe this has been going on since October and DB doesnt change it back.
Like I said. Senseless.

RohitKumarBirla New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Please bring back green tick.