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Can I modify/restrict a user's access within a shared folder?

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I would like our Board members to have access to all documents within our Dropbox (stored among many folders). Our CEO needs to upload, download and edit documents, too. However, it's not appropriate for our CEO to be able to even view some documents (putting them in a separate folder within different access is cumbersome and not preferred). 

Will a paid subscription like Plus or Professional allow me to set access for each document?

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Hey @LW1981, it ‘s not currently possible to limit visibility on a per-file basis if you’ve already granted your colleagues access to the folder. Based on your description, re-assigning sharing permissions seems the best way to go for you now, however I understand that you’d be interested in more sharing option & I’d happily make a note of your interest in my report internally for future iterations. 
Thanks for taking a bit of your time to drop us a line on the Dropbox Community on this inquiry & I remain at your entire disposal if you have more questions or thoughts!

Hey @kieptimem, we don’t offer support in Vietnamese at the moment, however I could happily address any questions you may have in English. Please let me know what you’d need assistance with & we’ll take it from there!