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Can I save whole gmail correspondence to Dropbox

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Hi there, 

I would like to know if I can save gmail correspondence to Drop box- Currently, I use Icloud HQ to save it to Dropbox and would like to know if I can do it straight from Dropbox


Thank you Grace

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Super User II

You cannot natively save emails in Dropbox @GHPROPERTY8 .

However, if you saved the email as a PDF then you could put that in Dropbox, but, it would need to be a two step approach (i.e. Save file, add to Dropbox).



I moved your post to the "Share an idea" section, for it to be upvoted. 

The Gmail integration allows you to import files (attachments) from Dropbox to Gmail and the other way around. 

We greatly appreciate the time you took to write about this. As @Mark correctly mentioned, the only workaround we can offer to save an email chain to Dropbox, would be to export it as a pdf file and import it manually on the cloud. 

Our team will review the feedback and take it under consideration.

Have a nice week!