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Can we have plans that are smaller than 1 TB?

Level 2

Hi, I find limited in the choices of subscription plans. Basic/free and Pro/110$

I'd gladly pay something like 25$ a year for 50GB and a 2 users family plan.

Considering iCloud have a 12$ plan for 20 GB and 48$ for 200GB, that seems reasonable..

Level 3

I would Upgrade, but I don’t need a Terabyte, and $10 is too much as a monthly charge for me. If you offered lower priced plans for less, you would make a killing and I would Upgrade. Same theory as with Apps...Sell an App for $20 and you may sell none. Sell the same App for $5 and it will sell like crazy.


Hi there, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll forward this suggestion to our team for their consideration.

Super User II
Super User II

@Bilbus wrote:

If you offered lower priced plans for less, you would make a killing ...

They wouldn't, actually. Dropbox has tried smaller, less expensive plans a couple of times in the past and they were never financially successful. There are MANY topics on the forums that already discuss this and other reasons why such plans are no longer available.

Johndgoode Level 2
Level 2

I am very happy with Dropbox. It’s very easy to use. But, as I approach the limit of free storage, I find the cost of extra storage too much. I am not a business and so do not require 1TB storage. 50GB would be fine, and I would be happy to pay £0.99 or even £1.79 per month for such an upgrade, but not £8.99 for 1TB. So, come on Dropbox, how about introducing a home storage plan?


Hey there @Johndgoode  - thanks for feedback on this!

As this has been suggested already under this thread, I moved your post here to keep all the relevant feedback reports under one place.

You can also upvote this idea too!

If there's anything else you'd like to add, please let us know John!

justdanyul Level 2
Level 2

I'd be a bit worried as a Dropbox employee, if their business plan, truly doesn't support having competitive products. Which is basically what they are saying, when claiming they cant have smaller subscriptions (as their competitors offer), because they'll lose money. You are saying, out of fear of losing out, on what you already have, you'll rather lose out on new business. Hope your customer retention is through the roof guys.

Anyways, its a shame, I wanted to get a dropbox subscription, but they don't have anything that remotely suits my needs (I'll be challenged to use a tenth of the space they want to sell me).

Google Drive it is.

dinesh15 Level 2
Level 2

Hi, For individual users do not require 1TB plan. Why there is no plans available for 100 GB,200GB,500GB ? Indian economy the dropbox pricing is very high. It would be very helpful if there is lesser plans available like 100GB,200GB to purchase for individual personal users.... This is my suggestion and feedback for all users.

Hey @dinesh15
Although these are currently the plans you can subscribe to, you can also earn space to increase your storage by:
You can find more info about this here
I hope this helped to some extent! slightly smiling face
Prashant K.1 Level 2
Level 2

I am going to do that now!!

martin_g Level 2
Level 2

With the introduction of the 3-device limit, Dropbox is going to have to do something to not shut itself out of the lower end of the market (between free and Plus). Many people don't need to store 1TB in the cloud, but do want to get access from more than 3 devices (I'm already at 4: laptop, desktop, tablet, phone).

Right now there really isn't a reason I shouldn't move somewhere else with an unlimited-devices free tier. I'm willing to pay Dropbox something right now for unlimited devices, but not $10/mth (since I'd only use <0.5% usage of the storage). Once I move though -- I won't have a reason to come back.

They should be allowing accounts to upgrade on the basis of their need: either multi-device access (driven by device count), or space (driven by storage requirements).

My <5GB of data could be getting them $2/mth, and only costing them $0.05/mth.