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Can we have plans that are smaller than 1 TB?

New member | Level 2

Hi, I find limited in the choices of subscription plans. Basic/free and Pro/110$

I'd gladly pay something like 25$ a year for 50GB and a 2 users family plan.

Considering iCloud have a 12$ plan for 20 GB and 48$ for 200GB, that seems reasonable..

Current Status: Unspecified

nachoAlicante New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Another one leaving. I've been a Dropbox user since 2010, and I've recommended Dropbox in the past to many people. But the lack of a cheaper plan for non-power users and the current limitation to 3 devices are making me leave.

  • I don't need 2 TB. 100 GB or probably even 50 GB would be enough for me, and I guess for many other current users too.
  • I'm not paying 12 euros a month. I guess it depends on each one's salary, but I am not using Dropbox to run any company, just for my private use, so 4 euros a month (50 euros a year) is what I consider a reasonable limit.

But I guess Dropbox doesn't care, they are focusing on companies and leaving individuals behind. It's a pity. I've been a happy user for a very long time, which would have been paying for many months if there were more plans to choose from. Luckily, now there are lots of alternatives, such as Google One, OneDrive, pCloud, Sync and many more. I'm afraid Dropbox is making a mistake. Time will tell...


7evenPoint New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

With the new three device limit I would like a new entry level subscription. There's nothing in the 120$ a year I need as an individual. I would pay a few bucks for a few more deivces and few more gigs.


Hey there @7evenPoint - thanks for your suggestions!

I've moved your post under this thread so as to track all the relevant feedback and inform the appropriate department - thank you for your feedback on this!

If you have anything to add or ask in the meantime, please let us know. 

PROROCK New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

When the team of developers and marketers dropbox think that not everyone needs as much as 1TB space or more?! And also, not everyone has 10$, at a salary of$ 130 a month! (Many bankers know that micro-loans in banks are much more profitable than large ones.) I mean, why can't we create a tariff between Basic and Pro?!! If the "smart" marketing dropbox a little think, then probably come to the conclusion that you can easily do, for example, tariff Standart, which will be 100GB for $ 1/month. Many people do not mind to spend $ 1, but they will be willing to use this tariff and advise friends and acquaintances. Or tariff "drops" where for every 100GB will be + 1$/month (for example 100GB = 1$/month, 200GB = 2$/month, 300GB = 3$/month, etc.). Give your management a shout of the soul and many users, please!!!!

Super User II
Super User II

The short answer is that Dropbox has tried smaller plans in the past, several times in fact, and they were not successful.

This has been requested and discussed many times before. Please search the forums for the other discussions and reply there if necessary.


Hey there @PROROCK - thank you for your elaborate feedback and suggestions on our current plans and pricing.

I'll be passing your comments on to the team for future consideration!

In the meantime, note that I moved your post under this thread to keep all the relevant feedback under one place for visibility.

You can also upvote this feature request by giving a like to this very same post. 

Let me know if you have anything to add!

Explorer | Level 3

There are many of us for whom 1 TB is way more than necessary and 2 TB is just overkill.  Personally, I am currently using 40 GB of space and if it ever doubles, I would be amazed.  Stretching it a bit, maybe I might get to 100 GB and I’m still only using 1/10 of the space provided.  2 TB is inconceivable to me. Is it possible to create an account plan between basic and plus that could accommodate those of us who are really upset at the price increase with no discernable improvements in service for us?  Or has Dropbox decided to the lower end user isn't worth it to cater to?  If so, let us know now so we can leave now before we get hit with the upgrade price. 


Hey there @rogbarn - thanks for adding your voice to this feature request!

I've just gone ahead and moved your post under this thread so as to keep all the relevant feedback under the same place.

If there's anything else you'd like to add or ask, feel free to let us know please. 

Happy Monday!

Explorer | Level 3

My issue is that I can only link 3 devices with the free plan. I'd like to pay for more linkable devices, but 1TB plan is just a waste for me. I usually backup large files in a harddrive and use about 10GB dropbox space. That's why I started to search alternatives, and the available options look much more cheaper.

I believe it'd be much better if Dropbox could have some cheaper plan (~$50/year), or could customize the features and space.

Explorer | Level 3

When Dropbox implemented the max 3 linked accounts limit, my first reaction was to look at what paid subscription options were available. I don't have the data to back it up, so I'm gonna go on a hunch here and say that many other 'Free tier users' did the same (Dropbox can probably confirm this by checking the number of hits they had on their pricing plan website shortly after news of this change was leaked) - regardless, the pricing plans currently on offer are overkill for what 'free users' enjoyed the past many years.

For Australian users, the first available pricing option is the 'Plus Plan' at $15.39, billed annually, and comes with 2TB. I'm a free user with 15Gb, and currently using only using 5Gb. How do I justify making that jump?

I think Dropbox marketing dropped the ball here in terms of underestimating how many loyal 'free users' were willing to jump onto a paid subscription service - had a more reasonable 'Basic' tier option been made available at the same time they implimented the change. 

Now, I just perceive this change as a very aggressive and hostile marketing move against a large loyal userbase - possibly motivated by an unjustified fear of losing some users at the 'Plus' subscription plan. But if your mission statement is to 'unleash the world's creative energy' - shouldn't you at least try to have a more inclusive pricing plan to attract more from the world? 

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