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Can we have plans that are smaller than 1 TB?

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Hi, I find limited in the choices of subscription plans. Basic/free and Pro/110$

I'd gladly pay something like 25$ a year for 50GB and a 2 users family plan.

Considering iCloud have a 12$ plan for 20 GB and 48$ for 200GB, that seems reasonable..

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Thank you for the reply.  The fact that Dropbox is unwilling to offer a smaller plan to match some users' needs is very disappointing.  I'm happy to pay for additional services (even though I don't need them), but the current Plus plan is simply overkill for my needs.  It is clear that I'm not the only user in this situation.

It seems Dropbox is going after large business users, and I'm sure that makes good sense financially.  However, I'll bet a lot of the people who use their business services also have personal Dropbox accounts, and I'd imagine some of them will be disappointed to be forced into the Plus account category.


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I agree, but, unfortunately its been the same since the Dropbox plans were 50gb for $9.99 (with people wanting smaller ones then).

Everytime they've trialled smaller plans so many people downgraded that they lost more money than made with new customers. I'd hazard a guess that this would be even more likely now due to the huge amount space being offered as standard.

So for you you need to think of 'is extra devices' worth the cost? If you want to get to unlimited then yes, it is. If not and you want to stick with three then stay free.

John R.80 New member | Level 2
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I dont need double storage, I don't want Smart Sync, and we always had 30 days backup. Can I keep my $2? 

In fact, why not drop it to $5 and make it 500gb. Must you bleed ALL your customers, even the ones who don't even agree with the $10/mo it was? I mean, I'm only using 250gb, and most of it is client garbage I'd be happy to remove.
Oh, better yet, make it $2.50/mo and only give me 250gb. That would be AWESOME! Google has one at 200gb for $2.50/mo, why can't you do that?
But you won't. Your already screwing me up big time by dropping ExFat format. You know what, your right. I'm leaving. Too many other options out there to be dealing with your greedy bull**bleep**.
Don W.8
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You had me as a customer for many years and I was comfortable paying $99/yr but I cancelled last year when it went up and requested smaller palns.  I and 1 person with 3 devices to sync and keep a backup of my phone pictures, not a corporation and personal business.  Please just bring back the 1TB for $99.  That alone will get me back as a paying customer.  Right now I'm balancing my free account with downloading files and pictures to my computer.  

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I would buy 10 GB if they offer in the future, but 1TB is too much, think about how many students you will help.

or you can sell  1 GB for a high price but without a time limit, i would go for that 

kim G.10 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

That's such a good idea and would probably be very good for Dropbox too. 

I think what you're proposing is more than reasonable, it's essential.

frairo1076 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Please ¿could you offer new plans whit less space but cheaper?

Can the community give me positive votes!!! I need 1 GB more




Hey @frairo1076,

Just to note, I've merged your post here so we can keep all relevant info in one place. While we don't currently offer a plan smaller than Dropbox Plus, you can always earn more space on a free account with the steps outlined here.

I hope this helps - Thanks!

Don W.8
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Back in January when I was due for renewal I decided that the cost keeps going up and up and while you are giving more space, as a personal account, I do not need more than 500GB.  I went down to free/basic and used what extra I had but it was not enough space.  I was not going to pay your high prices for tons of space I would never use and you had responded saying you were not going to create any plans with smaller space.  With all the posts here, it is obvious you are not listening to your users and providing what is being requested.  I have moved on.  I'm am now with pCloud with 500GB at only $47.88/yr.  This is what I was looking for.  After 8 years with Dropbox, I was hoping to stay with you but you forced me to look elsewhere.  Maybe if everybody here posted who they have been forced to go with, you might see just how much business your loosing.  I get it, charge high, offer alot.  It never gets fully used and you make money.  But just think about how every $50.00 spent elsewhere is $50 less you're getting.  I will return if you offer a smaller package.  That's guaranteed.  I'll keep watching and waiting.  Until then, pCloud is getting my money.

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Not sure if this is quite the right place to post but if it's work in progress... I have been an active user on Dropbox for the past few years and love using it but I just can't justify spending over $100 per year on space I don't need. I think it should be considered having at least one or two options in between 2GB and the changing to 2TB. That is a HUGE difference in space. While I have over 15GB of files I certainly don't need 2TB of space. I am having to switch to something cheaper like One Drive to accommodate my bank account. I am certain there are many people out there that have the same thoughts. What are the odds that something may change in the near future? With the new 2TB and $119 per year fee I am canceling my subscription at the end of this month. It's a shame because I really prefer using Dropbox.