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Can we have plans that are smaller than 1 TB?

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Hi, I find limited in the choices of subscription plans. Basic/free and Pro/110$

I'd gladly pay something like 25$ a year for 50GB and a 2 users family plan.

Considering iCloud have a 12$ plan for 20 GB and 48$ for 200GB, that seems reasonable..

Current Status: Unspecified


Hi there @Ravenskyes

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this with us and sorry to hear about your frustration. 

I've moved your post here where other like-minded users have shared their interest on this and can upvote it. I've also forwarded your thoughts to the team for future review. 

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Hi Lusil,

It is reassuring to know that the Dropbox team will at least consider the request for a plan with less space for a lower price than the 2TB plan.  What puzzles me is why Dropbox is basically saying they don't want customers with limited space requirements.  Those of us in that group are happy to pay for Dropbox, so why not a scaled back plan?

My fingers are crossed that the management will reconsider.

Thank you.


mliingel New member | Level 2
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Hello! I need more space, but not as much as 2TB that you're offering for $9.99/month. How about offering a more sustainable 200GB allowance? I could afford paying $15 per year for that one.


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Just to note, I've moved your post here as we track feedback on requests like this and it helps us to get a better idea on the interest shown in these ideas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, I've passed along your comments to our dev team for them to review.

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mliingel New member | Level 2
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So, can we have a reply now from Dropbox company? The suggestions for smaller allowances like 200GB up had been coming for a while now. Do you have anything to offer in line with these suggestions?

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Please, bring smaller plan and cheaper prices. All I need 10 gb per year, and I am paying 2tb because there is no better options, and this plan is really expensive.

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I love dropbox. It just works. All the time. I've never had a probelm with it working. So imagine my dissappointment with only being offered the follwoing choices: You can pick the free option ( I currently have about 11gb) or you can have 2TB. WHY?! Is it just me, or does it seem like there should be a few more tiers to choose from? I do not need or want 2TB. Therefore, I have not upgraded. I am willing to upgrade, but give me an option that a actually fits my reality. It feels a little like having a little 16 ft boat that works for most of your needs. You want to upgrade because of the limitations, so you go to the boat store. All they have to offer is a cruise ship. I don't get it. I propose offering a middle of the road option to consumers like me. thanks 


Thanks for the extensive feedback and welcome to our Community too @cbplattner.

I've moved your post under this thread as it echoes the feature request described in the original post.

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Don W.8
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It is disgusting and shameful that Dropbox is ignoring what their customers really want. First post that started this conversation and request for smaller packages was back 5 years ago on 12-12-2014 and here we are 508 comments later still asking and waiting. How many customers has Dropbox lost and how much money are other cloud services receiving because they are offering smaller packages. I know I am paying pCloud for their service. Is it ideal? No, but I can afford their 500GB package BUT, I would prefer the services of Dropbox and would switch back instantly if you offered a smaller package.
Jagoop New member | Level 2
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I am a long time user of dropbox, but I have ever only used the free option. I am not interested in paying $10/€10 per month for at service delivering 10-25x the amount of space I would ever need. In short: I am an example of a user who wants to buy a product, but can't find a good fit.