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Can we have the events tab back?

Explorer | Level 4

Can we have the events tab back. I have many collaborators and I need to see when and who have changed files.  The recent tab only shows the files that I have changed.

The events tab is essential when tracking changes and going back over old history.  Please add events tab back.

Current Status: Not for right now

Super User II
Super User II

PraMi wrote:

Have you made progress on that?

Dropbox typically does not comment on feature requests. Considering how much time has gone by, it's highly unlikely that the link to the Events page will return. You can still easily access the page by entering the URL manually, or by bookmarking it.


Status changed to: Delivered
Jane S.2
Explorer | Level 4

I agree.  Can we have the old events tab back.

Recent events - I'm not a fan switching between shared and you.  I prefer to see all the files syncing when I'm working with collaborators. 

Status changed to: Not for right now

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on this idea here!

While we can't take every idea forward, we do regularly re-review and will update you if anything changes.

Thanks again!

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