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Custom folder icons

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Custom folder icons


I have few folders with customized icons. When I sync them to other computers my custom icons are lost. I have customize them again. Is there any wy to keep them? 


I think that it has something with desktop.ini file, which is not being synced by dropbox.


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No, it isnt possible with Dropbox. 

But that is bad idea because i want also choose for uploaded folders Icons. For example i have folders for Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Development files, or Photos i want to change the icon that i can see and find fast the right folder where i looking for.

I would be possible that Dropbox delivers a Icon collection which we can choose for folders and then sync to Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. Windows and Apple OS X i think supports custom folder images.

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Would be nice for Dropbox to support this. On Windows, one can change the Dropbox folder icon by using Customize-->Change Icon dialog in Windows 7 and navigating to


This works, and the icon changes, but after restart, folder icon is back to default. 

For users with lots of folders, custom icons are very helpful. Here, for example, OneDrive really stands out and is easy to see (unlike Dropbox and Google Drive icons)


<p>I'd be happy if Dropbox would simply allow user customization based on their icon library....which they do not allow at the current time. Sigh.</p>
<p>We are visual....things like this make a real difference to users.</p>
<p> </p>

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this should be posted as a feature req, at least some icons to choose appart from the blue ones, even a color change to pick is a win

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I would love this feature!! I have most of my icons customized and it really a shame they won't appear pn my second pc :/

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Need to be able to change folder icon & it stay that way after a restart!  

This does work for some DB folder icons on my computer but not all.  I've noticed that folders shared with me or I share with other members of my company on DB do NOT retain the icon change.  However, personal DB folders or sub folders of a shared folder do retain the changed icon.  

Given it is possible for some folders to retain the icon change surely someone at DB can figure out how for it to work on ALL folders.  Come on DB folks.  Call a meeting of your intelligent programmers & figure out how to make this happen!


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We also have this problem. Our inventory folder looks like this on our Server:


And it's pretty easy to find any car we need to work on. This help us keeping track of any restored or under process car just by seeing its icon.

Please dropbox team, help us so we keep loving our boxes as always.

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It is not clear why you use icons this way. Could you use .JPG files of the same image and file name?


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I would pay more for Dropbox if they can get this feature to work!
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Has anything ever been done about this option?  I see it was started in 2015- and I am still hoping for it to become an option.