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Delete Notifications from the desktop app

New member | Level 1

Does anyone know how to remove the notification that a folder has been shared with you (shows on the desktop folder app at the top)?

It reads: "Ashley Stewart Shared XXXX with you"

It's driving me crazy! I've downloaded the items but the notification folder won't go away!

Current Status: Delivered

Caralien New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I guess many of us have teh same problem, but as there is a nanser we might not send this to you, I think that zililins of users are annoyed by not mbeing able to delete notifications, change the settings does not make the onse already there vanish ...

Helpful | Level 6

I have a ton of notifications that no longer link to any folder or files. I would like to remove all of them at once without going through them one by one. Too time consuming.

Nancy M.40
Helpful | Level 5

Uhh, excuse me but this is not solved. There is still no way to clean up the hundreds of notifications that are so old they are completely irrelevant to anyone.

What you're saying is that Dropbox is not interested in listening to what their users need. Very disappointing. From where I sit this is a serious design flaw (not listening and not providing a simple feature that end users need).

Good thing Mark - Super User II pointed out that there are so many better solutions than Dropbox - even ones that have already figured out how simple it is to write the code for a bulk delete operation. And they treat their paying customers like they give a @#%.  Wow, he even gave the link to delete my (fully paid) account. Such a generous and open response to an end user. Makes me want to renew for another year right now!

The fact is that software apps are supposed to do the boring and tedious tasks for us. Not make customers do boring and tedious tasks.

Trinity C.1
Collaborator | Level 9

It sounds to me as though the 'notifications' were originally a 'transaction log', and that would explain why they cannot be removed, only hidden.

GPet New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I think it's totally unreasonable that DropBox still hasn't done anything about letting us delete old notifications.  

I agree I think it's time to move on after my subscription runs out.

Hey @GPet, apologies for the slight delay in getting back in touch with you on my end. Please bear in mind that you should be able to dismiss Notifications on the “Notifications” field once you click on the Dropbox icon on your system tray. Just click on the ❌ next to the file in question or right-click on the file & you’ll also be given the option to remove. 
Hopefully this answers your question; wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!
Wild_Ideas New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I'm on deadline, so I'm sorry if I may be retreading old ground, but I just wanted to put in my two bits. My problem with the way to remove notifications is that I have to pick why I want to meet each one, and my reason is not on the list provided. Every notification in the box is OLD and, at this point, irrelevant, so I just want to clear out the box. I would also like to support having a bulk notification-removal (clear) function.

Fluk3 New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

This drives me crazy!

I have unwanted notifications going back 6 YEARS!!! and have no way to either remove or even hide them. WHY?

There are no 3 dots, no red X to click on and right-clicking does nothing. This is on two Macs and one PC, all up to date.

Each update I go back hoping I can do something about this, but still nothning. I feel like a lot of time was wasted on the new desktop app when this longstanding issue still remains.

Please fix this!



Trinity C.1
Collaborator | Level 9

The "three dots" appear AFTER you select a notification. Then you can 'hide" but not delete.  The "notifications" continue even after you un-check every single type of notification. There should be a "HIDE ALL" button!

claire m.16
Helpful | Level 6

There is a discussion going on with the same user conclusions (and unfortunately the same powerlessness of our nice moderator), at this link:

Please make a fuss both here and there.

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