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Disable comments

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Disable comments

Unhappy about how Dropbox released this.

That functionality can be very nice and useful BUT :

  • It kills the clean black professionnal design of photo galleries.
  • Some do not want everybody to post comments about their files. This is not Facebook, here. (Dropbox owner should have the ability to be the only one to post comments used as descriptions.)
  • Impossibly time consuming to disable comments for every single shared file.
  • We MUST have the ability to disable comments for our complete Dropbox. (And comments should be DISABLED BY DEFAULT.)

Thanks to Dropbox development team to consider this.

Level 2

Agree completely!

Agree 100%!
Very unhappy with this change...
It's killing some of my public sharing files... Indeed this isn't facebook, and I don't want people comment on my shared files.

+1 here. I need the ability to globally disable comments and opt in specific files as needed (which I don't think I'd ever want to do). Having to go in and disable them on every single file/picture is a bad UX, and I don't want to have to police stuff random people may say that my niece ends up reading.

Level 1

Completely agreed!!!
And for me it seems that the pictures are loading significantly slower, because it is loading comments... In short, it just sucks.
Annoying and completely unnecessary feature.

Level 1

+1 so what can we do?

I emailed support and got a stock answer about how to disable them on each individual photo. I'm currently paying for Pro but I'm going to respond and say that I'm going to have to cancel service because it is just too annoying.

This feature may be useful but like everyone else here I cant find anywhere to turn them off globally. Why on earth would then enable turning off on a per-image basis but not for the whole feature?

Will be leaving Dropbox soon if they don't add this option in, because it's doing my nut in on a daily basis.

Level 1

Agree completely! Why is this feature on my pc but not by other users with shared binders?

Level 1

+1. Please remove this feature or provide the ability to globally disable it.

Level 2

Agree. Tired of hiding the comments panel everytime I see a PDF.

Level 1

totaly agree!