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Domain Verification Improvement

New member | Level 2

I would like to request the ability to allow verified domains to have the option of blocking new users from signing up at all with email addresses using a verified domain. As it currently stands, it seems the only option is to make sure that anyone that signs up with a verified domain can be shown in the Admin Console Dashboard as a member waiting to be invited. However this creates a problem.

Say someone joins (John Smith) a company, signs up for a personal Dropbox using their company email address using John Smith then leaves the company and all his accounts and usernames are deleted as part of deprovisioning. However a new employee (Jane Smith) is hired later on and has received the email When IT tries to invite, to the Dropbox team, it seemingly can't because it's in use by a personal account. However, John Smith who originally and inadvertently created the personal Dropbox account is no longer using that Dropbox account and is no longer around to reach.

What is the company supposed to do in this situation? This is just an example to highlight the issue.

My proposed solution is to simply block new users from registering Dropbox accounts from verified domains altogether.

Current Status: New

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