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Dropbox Features Suggestions

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Dropbox Features Suggestions

This post is to suggest adding features to Dropbox for it to stay competitive. As a student constantly sharing files with other classmates, I want to share my suggestions for the improvement of Dropbox.

I've used a competitor cloud service provider, Google Drive, since I manage my mom's files which is stored in Google Drive.

  1. Dropbox only gives you 2GB free space, while Google Drive gives 15GB, which is more than 5 times the amount of free space. As a student, I have unlimited storage space on Google Drive (with a .edu email account), but I don't use it since I don't have the time to move as of now.
  2. The Google Drive web interface looks better, and is more responsive that this of Dropbox's. It feels faster and lighter to use based on experience.
  3. Google Drive contains features in Dropbox Pro that is available for free, such as making files read only (there is an option whether or not you allow users to download the file or folder).
  4. The behavior of sharing files, folders, and sub-folders is a turn-off compared to that of others. From my experience using Google Drive, I can say that it is way easier to share files and folders there (in the web interface). For example, I can share a sub-folder easily, without sharing the whole folder. Secondly, I can share a folder, but leave a sub-folder in the parent shared folder not shared, or invisible to the people who has the link. This is useful, for example, when your team is working on a project, and there is one or more folder(s) in the main project folder that you don't want visible to everyone you've shared it to. And no, this does not cause confusion (for me) in any way. There is a shared symbol beside the file/folder that is shared, so it is easy for me to know if a file/folder is shared or not.
  5. There should be an option to turn off comments, a newly introduced Dropbox feature, in ALL your files, regardless if you are a paid or free Dropbox user. I am not a fan of this feature since it looks distracting.
  6. There should be a "details" tab for each file/folder, so you know when you've saved it, modified it, or how much space it is taking in web view.

I believe that Dropbox can be better, and in order to stay competitive, I believe that a few of these features must be considered, and hopefully implemented.

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Super User II

I think the big thing to remember here is Dropbox has to charge for services - it cant and doesnt make money elsewhere, where as Google does (i.e. reading your files to give you adverts). Therefore I dont think free space would increase unless you work for it - as it costs money.

I agree with 5 and 6 though.

Level 1

Please add a "select all" or "select none" in the selective sync dialog when setting up dropbox.  I set up dropbox a fair amount (many machines and VMs) and I have many folders where I often only want to sync a particular few.  Would be nice not to need to uncheck 25+ folders every time I set up dropbox.  A better approach would be to start with none of the folders checked or have a "select none" to uncheck everything. 

Level 1

-- solved.

feature implemented yet.

Feature Request: Ability to set the limit of file sizes on shared folders

Add the ability of the owner/s of the shared folder to set a limit to the maximum file size that may be uploaded by those who share in the folder.

Level 1

A visual indicator of the upload process in the system tray... Progress bar, or even percentage...

I find it a key feature, wishing I had more feedback everyday...

I use progress bars to plan my entire day, so the more feedback we can get on processes the better!

Level 1

The new 'Recents' feature is really good. What would be even better would be the ability to have a 'Favourites' link or even allow me to set them up on the home page when I log in. 90% of my files go to the same set of folders and they need to be nested within their organisations.

Level 1

I like the feature of Selective Sync as it avoids using space on tour Drive for old files and they are kept on DropBox in case needed.

it would be nice though if you could see the folder on your Finder and also the file names (as you can do on your Mobile devices) and then you can see the files and if you need one, you can download it. 

Basically for the files you have chosen not to Sync DropBox should work on the Computer as it does on mobile devices.


Level 2

Could you bring Selective Sync as a cascaded context menu in Windows Explorer ?

Level 1

As you know Dropbox has a PDF reader on the Android version . I have it loaded on my Samsung tablet. When I blank the screen and come back to my reading later the PDF reader will shift back to the beginning of the document instead of picking up where I left off. Could this please be changed?

I would like to be regular the hours dropbox can sync. For example, I want to be able to set the hours it can sync only during the night time, say 6pm to 6am.