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Embedding Reddit and YouTube comments in Paper

Level 4

Dear Dropbox Paper team,

I would like to suggest Reddit comments embedding in Dropbox Paper:

This is how the comment show up when inserting a direct-link to the Reddit comment. It actually doesn't show the comment and just the post:


This is how it could show in Dropbox Paper based on the official Reddit guidelines:


Official embed method from Reddit:





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Level 4

Dear Dropbox Paper team,

I would like to suggest YouTube comments embedding in Dropbox Paper:

I thought that YouTube comment embedding in-Dropbox Paper would be very usefull as everyone could see directly the comment in the Paper document instead of clicking on the link, pausing the auto-played video and scrolling down to find the comment.

Note: You need to click on the date near the name to get the direct link to a YouTube comment.

I've made an image of how it could look like in Dropbox Paper:


Thank you.

Thanks for the feedback, @CorTACT! I’ve gathered your comments into one thread so as to keep track of your thoughts and shared them with the dev team for future consideration. 
If you have any other thoughts in mind that you’d like me to forward, don’t hesitate to get back to me. In the meantime, have a wonderful day ahead! nerd face