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Enable or disable the camera uploads feature in roaming

New member | Level 1


In the Dropbox documentation we can see that the camera uploads feature is not available in roaming.

Is it possible, in a future release, to let the user choose whether or not he wants to enable the camera uploads feature in roaming? I have a European mobile data plan, so I'd like my photos to be saved in my Dropbox regardless of the country I currently am.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,


Current Status: Needs more votes

Explorer | Level 3

I concur.

This has been a major pain travelling in Europe. Even though I have an unlimited data plan with free roaming within most EU countries, I still have to find (usually slow) WiFi to get the photos to upload or plug my phone in to manually transfer images. And roaming is about to get a whole lot more common, with the new EU rules about it.

(I understand you don't want people accidentally having it switched on while using regular less-than-free roaming, but at least give us the option in the settings!)

Please fix this bug soon.


Super User II
Super User II
It isnt a bug Twazza - its a feature, its by design so there isnt actually anything to fix.

Because of that may I suggest you make a Feature Request in the 'Share an Idea' area?
Explorer | Level 3

Well, though I forgot to mention it, the fact that the app says "Waiting for faster network" rather than "Camera upload is paused while roaming" is definitely a bug. And that leads me to believe that this "feature" was implemented shoddily at best.
Nevertheless, thanks for your suggestion. I will raise it there.

knobcottage New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2
Well 2017 ..all working perfectly until a random day, today. European upload to Dropbox but works on all other clouds. Mmm. Same error as above.
Explorer | Level 4

In 2018, this is still an issue in Europe, and even the error message hasn't been improved. When I'm not in my home country in Europe, I have to find random slow restaurants WiFi networks to sync photos instead of being able to use my 50 gig 4G plan. That's silly because travel is when I need photo uploads the most, in case I lose my phone. Even going to Starbucks doesn't work because it's often seen as an unsecured network and won't allow Dropbox sync. Really really a pain in the butt to manage to back up precious travel photos. As mentioned above, at the very least the error message should be improved.


Hey everyone, 

I’ve gone ahead and mentioned this feature request to our team, in my internal feedback report. I think that this would be a reasonable and handy feature to have too! 

danandersson New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Vacation time coming, any plans to add this option soon?

Explorer | Level 4

It is valid to call this a bug because the ostensible goal is to pause for the purpose of avoiding an unexpected expense. Roaming used to be expensive so it used to be a decent analog for expense, but now roaming is often equal to domestic for all intents and purposes and thus ceased to be a valid analog for expense. The feature was not a bug when it was first created, but it became a bug based on externalities.

Alan R.4
Helpful | Level 6

Any update on when this will be fixed? Would surely be quite easy to have an additional tick box for 'allow upload whilst roaming'? Google Photos has precisely that option. 

Explorer | Level 3

August 2018. I am a dropbox+ user. I am Danish and sitting in Italy with the above mentioned problem. I can see that the problem has not been solved today several years after the problem was raised and I ask the users here: Which alternative programme can I use to solve the problem so I can kick dropbox out? 


Shame on you dropbox!

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