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Enable or disable the camera uploads feature in roaming

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In the Dropbox documentation we can see that the camera uploads feature is not available in roaming.

Is it possible, in a future release, to let the user choose whether or not he wants to enable the camera uploads feature in roaming? I have a European mobile data plan, so I'd like my photos to be saved in my Dropbox regardless of the country I currently am.

Thank you in advance!

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luisarguello New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

This "feature"   is  not really usefull in Europe.  

If you don't still know we have free data roaming in Europe.  Therefore this "feature" is more a bug in Europe. 

Please give the chance to chose your users.    You can set it disable by default & have the chance to enable if we want.  Is not to ask that much isn't it?? 

Explorer | Level 4

I'm on holiday in Europe and like my photos backed up in Dropbox automatically. Please get rid of blocking this. There is already for a few years no reason for this. 

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I can't see this happening anytime soon as Dropbox seem very outdated in thier ideas despite this software being ahead of the game in previous years.

It might be because their American and don't understand European Roaming is actually faster than most broadband/Wi-Fi connections.

So for me, when I'm in Europe I have to wait until I connect to an old slow Wi-Fi connection for Dropbox to finally upload my photos.

Meantime, all other cloud services are aware of this. It's only Dropbox, and this request must be 2 years old now (there's been others). So clearly Dropbox are not interested or can't work it out. A shame.

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I am just waiting for another name of a drop box look a like with a working roaming and I am out of here. Please give me some names....
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Leonardofahrer, that's the entire competition then!
They all work, this is a bug exclusive to Dropbox.

I'm not sure I'm allowed to name names, but I use most cloud services for various reasons and although I think Dropbox is king, it's demoted to Jester whilst I visit Europe and have to rely on other cloud systems because DROPBOX IS UNRELIABLE ... yes, unreliable, you can't rely on it to do backups. There's no other way to say it.

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I feel really sad that Dropbox does not take this seriously. I have a 80GB European data plan, and while travelling in Europe I prefer to use it rather than some unreliable hotel Wifi. How long does it take to add a switch in the parameters, and a new condition in the code to bypass this limitation if the switch is on?

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Wow, completely surprised by this one, too. Where are my photos? I have 15GB of roaming that I have included. Oh... paused. Well let me just change that setting then. There's not setting? What? You've got to be kidding. Frankly, on the train, my data is better than the wifi. How thoroughly annoying. I don't like it when my tools make decisions for me.
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A simple work around I did for my wife was hotspot my phone and on my phone created a VPN back to the UK using Orbot. The VPN may not be required (didn't test) as the connecting device will probably see it as a WiFi connection not 4G.

Hope it helps slightly smiling face

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Rds9298, that's genius... unlike Dropbox programmers who clearly can't understand the importance of THIS BUG.

Nice one, next time I'm roaming I'll consider that idea if I have someone's 4G I can piggy back via Wi-Fi.

Meantime; HELLO DROPBOX, wake up to this bug. Google Drive and everyone else does this properly. The year is 2019, in the EU Roaming on 4G is considerably better, cheaper (always free) and FASTER than the typical Wi-Fi. 

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Thank you Rds9298, that's a really great workaround.

I've always been on the understanding side in this conversation, but it's been 3 years. 3 years to implement a **bleep** switch in the settings. F**king ridiculous.


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