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Enable or disable the camera uploads feature in roaming

New member | Level 1


In the Dropbox documentation we can see that the camera uploads feature is not available in roaming.

Is it possible, in a future release, to let the user choose whether or not he wants to enable the camera uploads feature in roaming? I have a European mobile data plan, so I'd like my photos to be saved in my Dropbox regardless of the country I currently am.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,


Current Status: Needs more votes

dowlinr New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I too am in Italy and wondered why I wasn't seeing any photos on my laptop.  It seems **bleep**box see's I'm roaming and doesn't consider people have unlimited roaming plans.  FFS dropbox it's 2018, I can roam for free in over 50 countries.  Ditching this bull**bleep** for another solution. 

Explorer | Level 3
There is a day left of my monthly available data, I´ve got 3Gb that can be used for free and about 50 pictures waiting to be dropboxed and another 5Gb to be used from the day after tomorrow :( If you find a solution as far as another program is concerned please notify me slightly smiling face
Explorer | Level 4

So, I've just toured Europe and had the same problem - discoverying Dropbox INTENTIONALLY blocks uploading when roaming and asking I switch to Wi-Fi

The year is now 2018, wake up Dropbox - see what Google are doing who are now ahead of the game.

Roaming via 4G is considerably faster than the average Wi-Fi, try it on even expensive hotel Wi-Fi which is slow by comparison.
It makes no sense to block roaming, at the very least make it an optional extra tick box.

To make matters worse, I asked support first who asked me 20 questions, asked for screen shots, then eventually sent me a link which confirms this:

 Camera uploads isn't available when you're using data roaming abroad.

Goodbye Dropbox, Hello Google photos & Google drive... wow, cheaper and better.


Hey folks - Walter from the Dropbox team here.

I am just writing to let you know that we're actively tracking feature requests and work hard to make Dropbox better everyday so I made sure to pass your feedback about our camera uploads to our dev team.

I understand things are changing rapidly these days and many of you -our users- would greatly appreciate an option to have the camera uploads feature enabled even when on roaming data while abroad. 

Thank you for sharing your ideas and suggestions with us and have a lovely day! 

Explorer | Level 4

Cheers Walter, but it's been over 12 months in Europe where roaming charges were abolished.
So it's not exactly a new problem and I don't understand why Dropbox would even intentionally block it when it should have always been a users choice.
I mean, I can't find any other app (or cloud) service which does this. It's crazy to be honest.

I'm assuming it would be 2019 or even 2020 before Dropbox finally make this optional?
So I urge everyone else to consider alternatives if they use their devices abroad, as you can't rely on Dropbox alone until they sort this out.

Explorer | Level 4

Geez exoukltd, someone finally ackowledges the issue and your first instinct is to complain? How toxic of a behavior is that. Anyway, thanks Walter. Hopefully the team will not give this ticket a low priority, it is indeed quite penalizing for your European users.

Explorer | Level 4

verekia, toxic?
Really?, the problem has been discussed here for 2 years.

Do you think I should celebrate and get excited instead?
I'm being realistic, as a paying customer of Dropbox I consider this a serious issue. For those of us travelling in Europe the backup option is intentionally removed.
Do you actually think this will be fixed within 12 months?

Whilst I commend Walter for the ackowledgement, "pass your feedback" to me just means "yeah, we know... we'll fix it one day"

I'm realistic, not toxic. winking face 

word New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2
More than two years have passed since this question was raised, and we *still* can't choose to sync photos while data roaming! So, here I am, stuck with a Greek wi-fi which is so slow (and possibly has some strange firewall settings) that I can't upload my photos. As an EU citizen I have free data roaming - but the geniuses at Dropbox have decided that I can't choose whether I want to use data roaming or not. Not looking forward to spending the next four weeks with photos accumulating on my phone and no possibility to upload them to my Dropbox (well, there is an other option: to drive 100 km across a snowy mountain range to the nearest city in order to buy a local SIM card, something I thought we wouldn't need to do anymore). I really, really wouldn't want to hand over all my photos to Google, but you give me no choice. Well played, Dropbox, well played...
Palle New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Seriously Dropbox, all these limitations with camera upload drives me nuts.

I don't care if I'm on a "data plan" - just UPLOAD THE DАМN PHOTOS!

I don't care if my battery is at 1% - just UPLOAD THE DАМN PHOTOS!

I don't care if I'm roaming - just UPLOAD THE DАМN PHOTOS!

I don't care if the WiFi is "unsecure" - just UPLOAD THE DАМN PHOTOS!

If i click on "enable camera uploads" - then just ENABLE CAMERA UPLOADS! Stop asking stupid questions.


Explorer | Level 4

To be honest, my experience of Dropbox support thus far has been hopeless.
They take weeks, if not months to sort out a ticket - I doubt we'll see this fixed in 2019.

A real shame as I always considered Dropbox the leader.
Now with daft issues like this, I feel they've dropped way behind the likes of Google Photos which to be honest integrated with my Android is looking like a better choice now since it actually works as I'd like it!

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