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Enable or disable the camera uploads feature in roaming

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In the Dropbox documentation we can see that the camera uploads feature is not available in roaming.

Is it possible, in a future release, to let the user choose whether or not he wants to enable the camera uploads feature in roaming? I have a European mobile data plan, so I'd like my photos to be saved in my Dropbox regardless of the country I currently am.

Thank you in advance!

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"As I've mentioned in my previous responses, all of your comments have already been passed along to our dev team for future consideration."

"Future consideration"... this is a 3 year old thread, so do you think around 2023 we might get a fix?

"If you'd like assistance with the issue you described, please feel free to reach out to our Support team through the following page - they'll be happy to help!"

Yeah, I've done that - they had NO IDEA of the bug, I had to point them to this thread. I've done this twice now in 12 months, I'm considering reporting it more frequently.
I feel like other companies, Dropbox won't really listen unless we pester enough so it becomes a problem to Dropbox and not as it stands now which is a problem to Dropbox users, albiet the lucky few which can roam (aka holiday in another country) and rely on backups being taken.

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When will this be fixed???? Extremely annoying bug.

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After 7 years as a paying Dropbox useu I moved to One Drive 2 months ago. This roaming blocking is a "feature" that Microsoft doesn't have and I won't be missing. Sad to see how Dropbox is ignoring user requests.

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Thanks for the info - One Drive ... thanks again.
Jarl L.
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I too support this feature request. How hard can it be to add an option for this in the Dropbox app settings? I really missed the option while camping for 1 month in Europe with limited/no access to WiFi.

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I suggest you take a look at alternatives like Google drive.
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Just cancelled my subscription. Which plan should I use in stead. Roaming is a demand slightly smiling face